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Cageside Quote: Jim Ross Ponders How UFC Champion Jon Jones Will Handle the Spotlight


 After Jon Jones took the UFC light heavyweight title from Mauricio Rua at UFC 128, J.R. brought up a valid topic in his blog, wondering how Jones will handle being a champion:

How will Jon 'Bones' Jones handle his new found stardom? That's a question that one cannot answer until the process begins in earnest. Jones can and should be a franchise talent for UFC and his popularity should rival, and perhaps exceed, any fighter to come along in UFC in years.

Athletes handle success differently but if UFC makes sure that 'Bones' is surrounded by good, solid people who have only Jones' best interests at heart than all should be well. It would be a shame to see Jones 'self destruct' for any reason especially with such a bright future.

UFC might want to consider making sure that someone from their organization maintains regular communication with Jones as the demands on Bones' time will obviously increase now that's he's the youngest UFC champion, at age 23, in history.

By all accounts, Jon Jones has unlimited charisma and seems to be a young man of character and let's hope that the temptations that come with success don't adversely affect this gifted athlete.

Jones facing his 'friend' Rashard Evans in Jones' next fight is a match made in financial heaven. Watch their friendship disintegrate over the all mighty dollar. It's about fighting for money and one has to make it (the money) and save it while they can and no one should contemplate turning down a big money fight for any reason unless its fighting a blood relative.

As always, J.R.'s post UFC event thoughts are worth checking out, he goes into more detail in the full post.

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