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Work or Legit? The Feud Between UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and Rashad Evans


"Work or Legit" is back once again, asking the age old question, are we watching a legitimate rivalry play out before our eyes, or is this simply a display of mixed martial farce? When Jon Jones was asked a rather valid question about whether or not he'd face Rashad Evans should he take the title from Mauricio Rua at UFC 128, and he answered with a tepid, "If the boss says I should." reply, Evans felt betrayed. Apparently, if a bromance doesn't reflect that of JD and Turk from "Scrubs" the whole thing is off for Rashad. Evans was granted a title shot against his now former training partner when he ripped the title from Shogun, and Jones was happy to oblige. Since then Evans has been vocal about his feelings, betrayed by Jones, disappointed in coach Greg Jackson. Evans called Jones a "Judas", and we've only seen the tip of the iceberg that will be the build up towards what looks to be a major event for the UFC.

But is this really an inter-camp drama? Would savvy coach Greg Jackson actually allow this sort of divide to grown in his tightly knit camp in Albuquerque, New Mexico? Or has Rashad Evans seen this as a big opportunity to cash in while at the same time providing Jones with an attention grabbing title defense? Evans has been around the upper end of the UFC ladder for a while now, and certainly learned how to play the game during his time there. Could it be that Evans, Jones, and their whole camp are simply showing us what we want to see? We won't be able to give an accurate assessment until the dust settles after the fight actually takes place, but judging from what we've seen thus far, what do you think? Answer the poll, and leave some thoughts in the comment section!

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