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WWE Raw Results Liveblog 3/21/11

Two episodes of RAW to go. It should be another good episode this week. I am looking for another Sin Cara promo or better yet debut. King Sheamus will also continue his roll I suspect. Oh don't forget to vote for Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke 1-800-868-3409. Also I expect, the feud between the Miz and Cena to take another step. Cena has to get the upper hand at some point. I have been enjoying the Miz though. I hope he trashes Cena again.

  • They start Raw with Michael Cole walking down to the ring acting like Jerry Lawler. He has a costume on and is limping. Cole is such a jerk.
  • Now Triple H is coming down to the ring. I suspect he will talk about Undertaker.
  • Two weeks from now is the defining moment in both Undertakers and Triple H's careers. He said neither one of them will be the same after this match. The streak is bigger than any championship. He tells Undertaker to come here next week so they can look each other in the eye. So he can tell him at Wrestlemania the he will beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Triple H also says he will either win or die trying. Undertaker will go 18 - 1 and Rest in Peace. Ted DiBiosi Jr. Comes out and interrupts Triple H's exit music. He says he will not be an afterthought. He is there to make a name for himself. To take out Triple H two weeks before Wrestlemania. Triple H is now destroying Ted. Using the stairs, a chair and now he is setting up the announcers table. I guess this will be a pedigree on the announcers table. And he gets it. Bad move Ted, and Triple H's music hits again.
  • Tonight The Miz will be Re-Writing Miz-tory. Hmmm... I wonder what that means.
  • Sheamus vs Evan Bourne: Sheamus is in control of this match early on. Evan starts to mount a comeback but misses he move. Sheamus hit a big kick to Evans head and wins the match. If you think I made the match sound short is because it was. Winner Sheamus
  • Sheamus says He is the Champion of the United States of America. Out comes Daniel Bryan and he invokes his rematch clause for Wrestlemania. Sheamus accepts I guess and Hots Daniel with his Big Kick. Sheamus is really on a roll.
  • Coming back from commercial. they show a recap of last week. Orton destroying Nexus
  • Orton shows out getting out of his tour bus. He is then interviewed. He said he watch The New Nexus form in that bus and now he gets to re-watch how he destroyed Nexus with his punts. Now Punk is next
  • Maryse vs Eve: Maryse is fighting aggressively early on. The match is going slow and then Cole gets on his mic and interrupts the match. He is calling for the match to hurry up and end so he can break his JR exclusive. Eve hits her neck breaker. NICE! Winner Eve
  • Cole continues to be rude and Eve tried to go after Cole. He is hiding in his "Cole Mine" and behind his two security guard. "You want some of this?" He asks her. No, I doubt it Cole.
  • The Corre is in the ring coming back from break. They show how they successfully defend their title on Friday. Well sort of. They also destroy The Big Show and Kane. The Corre is definitely better than Nexus right now. Out comes Vladimir and Santino
  • Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs Santino and Vladimir. Santino is setting up for his Cobra early but is distracted Vladimir comes in and is cleaning house till he gets distracted and Heath hits a reverse DDT. 450 splash by Gabriel they get the win. Winner : Corre
  • Out comes Kane and The Big Show. They are tearing the Corre apart. Double Choke Slam by Big Show and Kane on Zeke.
  • The Rock will be on RAW Live next Week
  • They now show a recap of the Miz dressing as the Rock and destroying Cena again.
  • Cena is on Live via Satellite. He says he will be there on Monday to face the Rock. He needs to focus on the Miz now. The Miz deserves to be Champion right now. Something tells me Cena will me here tonight but he says he will make history at Wrestlemania.
  • Cole says after the break he has another world wide exclusive on Lawler that no one will want to miss. Next.
  • Coming back from Break and Cole and Swagger are running around in the ring. Swagger then goes out and gets in Lawler's face. I guess he is here to make sure Jerry doesn't try anything. Cole tells how he reunited Cole with Brian last week and they show a recap or Brian getting in Lawlers face. Cole says Brian gave hm a Lawler Family Photo Album. They show a picture of Jerry's Father and he is saying his Dad is ashamed of him. Called his Dad a Midget. Called him and his dad gutless cowards and bully's. Cole will put Lawler in his place at Wrestlemania. He His mom, dad, and son have one thing in common, they are all losers. Cole gets past Swagger and goes after Cole. Swagger catches back up to him and now he is beating Lawler up. Ankle Lock and Cole is Screaming for him to break his ankle. Cole then comes out of his mine and puts the Ankle Lock on Lawler. What a loser Cole is. He will get his at Wrestlemania.
  • After break Cole "apologies" for his actions. Lawler just pushes his buttons.
  • Now they show a video hyping Snooki going to Wrestlemania. I guess it's a big deal.
  • Now Dolph is coming down to the ring. he is accompanied by Laycool and Vickie. Morrison is accompanied by Trish.
  • Dolph vs Morrison: Dolph is in control early on. till Morrison turns things around. That is short lived though and Dolph is in control. During the Match we have a GM Interruption. Now it is a handicap inter-gender match. Morrison and Trish vs Dolph, Laycool, and Vickie a 4 on 2 handicap inter-gender match. Winner None
  • Morrison and Trish Stratus vs Dolph Ziggler, Laycool, and Vickie: coming back from break Dolph is in control. As Morrison tried to get his momentum going Layla tags herself in. Now the Women take turns beating up Trish that is till Vickie comes in. Morrison misses Star-ship Pain Dolph hit the Zig Zag and then tags Vickie in and she gets the pin. Winner Dolph, Vickie and Laycool.
  • Sin Cara Promo. Did I see that right? Did he jump into the ring over the top rope?
  • Now they show a video of current and former WWE starts talking about the Streak. I seem to vaguely recall Triple H losing to Undertaker at a PPV before. Not sure.
  • As Orton is coming down to the ring they show a recap of Orton taking out all the members of Nexus with his punts. It seems no one thinks Punk has a chance now. Faith.
  • Orton vs Rey Mysterio; Wrestlemania rewind match: it seems like Orton was in trouble as Mysterio was landing a bunch of kicks. Orton was only playing possum though . Now he is fully in control every time Rey tries something Orton stops him. Rey almost hit a 619 and Orton blocks it. Punk shows up on the titan tron and a he is about to go after Orton's Family in his bus. Orton Runs out of the ring and as he gets to his bus Punk hits him in the back of his leg with a pipe wrench. Orton, you should have listened and not kicked everyone in the head. He will get his at Wrestlemania. Orton's Wife is in the Bus and sees the whole ting. Punk blows her a kiss just for good measure. Winner: Rey I guess.
  • Alex Riley is in the ring. He has been rehired as the VP of Corporate Communications. Then he brings out the Miz. They have some thing in the ring under a black sheet. The Miz is saying he is the Biggest thing WWE has ever seen. In the beginning he was ignored. now he is the man. <ore charisma than Shawn Michaels, More physically dominant than Andre the Giant and smarter than Cena and the Rock. The Greatest WWE Champion in History, he is now bigger than the WWE. The turns the logo upside down it is now an "M". He displays his belt not and it also has been turn into an "M" Cena interrupts and it is revealed that he is there. He runs to the ring and fights Miz and Riley. Miz escapes but Riley goes back in. Cena puts him in the STF. He keeps putting Riley in it.Like four times. I guess Cena is making a point.
  • I am sorta disappointed in this RAW. Was slow and Cena doing the ending just isn't ding it for me. Cena just doesn't get that excitement. Maybe it's just me.

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