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UFC 128 Results: Faber Scores a Unanimous Decision Over Wineland


In the co-main event of UFC 128, Urijah Faber and Eddie Wineland made their UFC debuts in impressive fashion. Through the first round, Wineland shrugged off all of Faber's take down attempts, and even secured a take down of his own. Most of the round was contested in the clinch, but at striking distance, both men scored with punches, making it a tough round to score.

The second round wasn't nearly as close, with Wineland missing a great deal of his punches on the feet, and Urijah scoring a trip take down. From Wineland's guard, Urijah landed multiple elbows and punches, beginning to run away with the round. Wineland failed to escape, or mount any sort of offense of his back for the rest of the round.

Another closely contested round was under way in the third, but after the halfway point, Urijah Faber turned up the heat, rocking Wineland with an uppercut, and battering the rocked Wineland, eventually shooting for a take down and securing it. From there, Faber once again rained strikes and effectively secured his first UFC victory.

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