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UFC 128 Results: Brendan Schaub Flattens Mirko Cro Cop


In the first night of the evening at UFC 128, Brendan Schaub was given a stiffer than expected test against MMA legend, Mirko Filipovic.

Schaub was aggressive early, frustrating Cro Cop, and landing nice uppercuts while dirty boxing in the clinch. As the fight continued on the two heavyweights found themselves clinched once again, and chants of "Mirko Cro Cop" rang out. Schaub was warned strongly about hitting in the back off the head. Following the break and warning, Schaub lunged in for a take down, which he secured easily. As Schaub looked to pass he ate a solid upkick, and was in Cro Cop's guard shortly after. From there, "The Hybrid" starting bringing down heavy punches, but Cro Cop escaped when Schaub looked to posture up. The two clinched once again, Schaub landing the more significant strikes as they were tied up. The first round came to an end with Mirko throwing a hard elbow, and Schaub looking for an uppercut. It was an easy round for Schaub, but there was more fight in the legendary Mirko Cro Cop than many expected.

Schaub came out looking to land a big punch early in the second round, but after eating a head kick, he shot in and secure a take down. Schaub brought down massive punches once again, but an upkick from Mirko while Schaub was down stopped the action momentarily. Cro Cop was warned, and Schaub charged in once again. They cliched against the fence, trading knees and punches as they jockey for position. Over half way through the round they were still in the midst of a clinch battle, Schaub the aggressor, but Mirko staying in the fight, busting up Schaub's nose with an elbow. There was also a cut opened up over Schaub's eye. A point was deducted with just a minute left in the round, when Schaub once again hit Cro Cop in the back of the head. Cro Cop may very well have stolen the round for damage done and a point reduction.

Going into the third round, Cro Cop's experience and overall patience had proven to be a great help in the fight, but could he pull off the victory? Our answer would be delayed by a high low kick that caught Schaub below the belt (but not low enough). When Schaub recovered, he looked to push the pace again. They clinched, Cro Cop ate a knee to the face, but answered with a hard left hand. Schaub secured a take down, but was noticably less active. Mirko escaped, but was taken down again moments later. With just under three minutes in the round, Schaub stood up, and Mirko quickly found his way to his feet. They clinched once again, and Cro Cop looked to tee off. Cro Cop stuffed the next take down attempt, but in the final hour, ate a massive right hand that knocked Cro Cop clean out. It was a devastating KO, but the legend put up a quality fight against a very solid up and coming fighter.

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