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TNA already making plans to bring back unreliable Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy on a healthier, more reliable day.  (Wikimedia Commons)
Jeff Hardy on a healthier, more reliable day. (Wikimedia Commons)

The latest on Jeff Hardy, according to Dave Meltzer on his subscriber only March 18th Wrestling Observer Radio Show, is:

  • The reason why TNA management were caught so flat footed by Jeff Hardy's condition was because he turned up to the show "fine enough" (by his standards), was sober enough to work out the whole match with Sting, then after the show had already started "whatever happened happened".  Which means he must have gotten wasted while the show was going on. 
  • They think it would be really wonderful if he went to rehab, but they realise that there is only a 1% chance that will happen.
  • Nevertheless, they are still making plans to bring back their most unreliable star since Scott Hall, this time as a babyface.
It probably is worth emphasising that if they really want him to go to rehab and aren't just saying that, then they should offer to pay for it and make attendance a requirement before bringing him back.  I know, I know, TNA are so cash strapped that they can't afford the cost (or the cost of legitimate drug testing).  Yet they can afford to keep paying him many thousands of dollars a week, even when he's so unreliable that they can't trust him not to get wasted between the start of a PPV show and the start of his main event match.  A paradox that only makes sense to the deluded minds running TNA, namely Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo.

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