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UFC In the Moment: Jon Jones - Video and Analysis


Watch UFC In The Moment: Jon Jones HERE on, as we get unprecedented access to the life, training camp, and inner workings of the young fighter.  The UFC camera crew follows Jones as he prepares to take on current UFC light heavyweight champion, Mauricio Rua, at UFC 128.

This was a fresh take on the typical "Countdown" shows, and I thoroughly enjoyed the insight we got into Jones' lifestyle and training.  The fact that this was filmed so close to real-time is great, getting to see all the way up to the press conference was unexpected.  What I liked most about it though, was how personal it was.  It's a series like "In the Moment" that will bridge the gap between fighters and casual fans, and make a UFC fighter more than just a fighter, but a fan favorite.   

There's not a whole lot to mull over, but one thing that really stood out was the synergy between Jones and the team at Greg Jackson's camp.  Jackson came across as a great motivator, and pushed positive words and images for Jones.  Jones of course, feeds on positive thinking and speaking, and surrounding himself with like minded coaches is key to keeping his head on straight.  I hope to see more and more of these as the UFC expands and begins to push new stars into the spotlight.  In my opinion this show shouldn't be for a Georges St. Pierre or Anderson Silva, instead, I'd like to see some up and coming talent get highlighted.  Of course, they have to be worth the investment.  Off the top of my head, Anthony Pettis is a great candidate.  Regardless of who gets these shows, I look forward to the next installment. 

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