Monday Night Raw 3/14: Drew Carey and Snooki. Really?

The title should say it all.

I understand the WWE loves to cross-promote other stars and platforms, but to induct TV personality Drew Carey into the WWE Hall of Fame because of one appearance in the Royal Rumble match is a travesty. Oh, and that Snooki thing tonight qualifies for this category also.

Don’t get the wrong idea; Carey’s participation in the 2001 Royal Rumble match was not a bad idea. Seeing the old footage and the look on his face when the “Big Red Monster” Kane had Carey in his sights should have given just about everyone a fun PPV moment But to induct the guy into the Hall of Fame when there are still so many deserving candidates out there is insane.

Now I realize this is nothing like the NFL or MLB Hall of Fame inductions and you probably shouldn’t lose sleep over it; the WWE’s, while still prestigious, is more of a gimmick to hype up the entire week surrounding WrestleMania. But that still doesn’t mean a guy like Ron “Faarooq” Simmons isn’t more deserved of an immediate induction. The WWE could induct Carey five or ten years down the road and it wouldn’t even really matter; how interested do you think Carey is in the WWE outside of his improve show promotion? I know you need big-time names to induct in future years to make those classes stand out too, but there’s gotta be somebody with more than one PPV appearance you could throw in there.

To see Vicki Guerrero standing in the same ring with three gorgeous women was vomit-inducing (LayCool and Trish make up the three beauties; that Snooki creature should never approach the word ‘gorgeous’). The “best-selling author” beast was ghastly as always, and the Trish Stratus-Vicki Guerrero match was even worse. What really drives the nail through the skull is the idea that Vicki is now fully employed by the RAW brand, meaning we’ll have to see her slither on-screen every Monday night.

This Sin Cara thing needs to happen before WrestleMania also. The “faceless” one promo has been running for a couple weeks now and this guy should be part of the big event. A perfect spot for him would have been the defunct (rumor?) Money in the Bank Ladder Match to showcase his high-flying talents. Now it appears that Sin Cara won’t enter any substantial feud going into WrestleMania and probably won’t even be on the undercard or dark match. For their best interest, the WWE should bring this guy in as the ‘face’ (pun intended) equivalent to Alberto del Rio. His rise and status should not necessary match del Rio’s, but a Rey Mysterio-esque appeal to fans could be exciting.

On a similar note, Mexican JBL is easily superior to the regular JBL. I’ve said it before, but Alberto del Rio has something magical about him. I don’t know of it’s the smile or the cars or the personal ring announcer or the armbar submission or just his overall swagger, but the guy is an entertaining and impressive character.

The best match of the night surprisingly was the Sheamus-Daniel Bryan match for the US Title. The implication that Sheamus would quit if he didn’t win the belt made every potential near-cover that much more thrilling. Nothing like a good ol’ stipulation match to put fans on the edge of their seats; every move and reversal becomes amplified, even if it’s a match for a non-major title. It’s good to see Sheamus break his bad luck draw over the past month or so; the least the WWE could do for a former-WWE Champion not too far removed is make him the holder of a lesser belt. Sheamus and Bryan (who, remember, has a rematch clause) are no doubt set for a match at WrestleMania, one that hopefully has a more interesting stipulation than just the United States Championship.

The Rock’s intro promo was once again television brilliance. Easily topping his second Cena scolding and close but just short of his first live in-ring bashing of Cena, tonight’s taped clip was clever and well-executed. He may have been away seven years, but the guy still knows how to get the audience up and is still a master of delivering some of the best WWE promos of all time. We all know “No Talent Fruity Pebbles” will have to return words at “The Great One” next week, but at least for now we can enjoy what turned out to be a pretty rotten night for hustle, loyalty and respect.

The main event finish originally was going to be fairly obvious; the only question was ‘who, and in what way would the disqualification come from? The combination of an irritated Cena (from the Rock’s wholly entertaining Kid Cena/Fruity Pebbles promo), the presence of the monster Brodus Clay (where the DQ eventually came from) as well as a notorious dirty player in Alberto del Rio all had the makings of a brief final match. Michael Cole’s “Rock is here” proclamation was intriguing, but for a slime like Cole you had to know something was up.

Tonight it became official: The Miz is truly a GREAT WWE Champion. I wasn’t a big believer of Mike Mizanin’s potential as arguably the biggest and best heel in the company, but tonight the guy delivered an over the top performance. Not only did he open up the Great Khali’s back with a steel chair (OMG, actual blood at a WWE event!) but his disguise as The Rock was genius. For a second, it almost seemed like it was The Great One; credit WWE’s makeup department for a truly dynamite job on The Miz.

The best moment of the night (and it’s tough to pick from the many this week) was an ‘awesome’ tie: the false hope every Cena fan got right before he was smashed to the grate by a Miz DDT, or the skull-crushing Finale on the steel WWE logo. Tough to pick just one, but seeing Cena agonizing in pain with the many long faces of kids in purple t-shirts is worth it all by itself.

This raises the question: is seven (potential) weeks of Miz dominating and humiliating Cena worth more than a victory at WrestleMania? There is really no act of man or god that will prevent Cena from winning at 27, especially after playing up the fact that Miz has handed Cena his lunch four weeks in a row. Usually these feuds go back and forth week to week alternating the guy who comes out on top; this recent Miz stretch only solidifies the fact that he’ll lose at ‘Mania. Hypothetically, would you instead hope for a trading places moment? In other words, would you be willing to watch John Cena dominate The Miz in similar fashion for seven weeks only to have Miz come out victorious on April 3rd? Tough question, but the answer has to be ‘hell yes’.

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