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WWE Raw Results Liveblog 3/14/11 With Snookie


Tonight on RAW, we have Daniel Bryan vs King Sheamus. If Sheamus doesn't win the title he vows to quit the WWE. Trish Stratus vs Vickie Guerrero. Vickie needs to win in order to be in Dolph's corner.Tonight I expect John Cena will be serious and want to get back at The Miz. Also, tonight Snooki is the guest host of RAW. With Wrestlemania getting closer I expect this should be a good episode.

I just came across this. Rock via Twitter: “I won’t be live on RAW.. BUT, John Cena and I had a much needed heart to heart talk this weekend at my home. U will see it tonight on RAW…”
  • They start the show off in the Rocks house. As the Rock is talking on the phone Cena's Music hits. Out comes some kid dressed as John Cena. After playing around with the kid as Cena's expense, he turns his attention to the Miz. He has taken notice and the Miz is in his cross hairs.
  • Michael Cole, King Lawler and Josh Mathews are all ringside doing commentary. Cole has himself in a Plexiglas cage for protection from the King.
  • The Miz is out first and he is here to address the crowd. He is getting a good amount of heat from the crowd.The Miz says he is better than the Rock. He has beaten Cena Three Weeks in a row. The Rock only beats Cena over Satellite. Because he is the Miz and he is Awesome.Gm interruption.
  • As Cole leaves his box to check the email King cuts him off and does it himself. There will be two matches tonight Cena vs Alberto Del Rio. and The Miz vs The Great Khali
  • The Great Khali vs The Miz: As the Match gets underway Khali is in control. Khali has The Miz in his skull crusher and won't let go. The Miz grabs the rope but Khali won't let go. Alex Riley comes on for the save but get destroyed by Khali. The Miz comes in with a chair and breaks a chair on Khali by hitting him countless times.Khali is bleeding in the ring.
  • Tonight Cole says he will have a surprise for Jerry Lawler. Also Randy Orton will face Mason Ryan. If Ryan wins he can be in CM Punks corner at Wrestlemania.
  • Triple H has put together a video package for the Undertaker. It shows him beating people up all through his career. He is sick and sadistic. "Long Live The King"
  • Snooki and Morrison were talking backstage and Vicki walks up with Dolph. Vicki gets in her fave and ends up getting slapped after Vicki claimed to have an offer for the Playboy cover.
  • King Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan United States Championship. If Sheamus doesn't win the belt he quit the WWE. Sheamus clearly hoped that everyone would have forgotten that. Sheamus doesn't have his king costume on so I guess he is focused today. During the Match they talk about a "Curse of the King of the Ring". These guys are putting on a decent match as we go to break. Daniel Has been in control for most of the match, but with so much on the line Sheamus has to do something. Coming back form bream Sheamus has indeed gained control of the match. Sheamus is pushing the rules and may get disqualified. Sheamus gets tossed out of the ring and hurts his ankle. He gets back in the ring but finds himself in the Lebell Lock. Shamus almost taps but grabs the rope. Daniel gains control with several kicks and get a two count. Daniel Goes to the top rope but Sheamus hit a big foot. King Sheamus gets the 1, 2, 3. Winner and New United States Champion Sheamus.
  • Now Cole gets on the mic and says that his next guest is going to expose The kind of guy Jerry Lawler is. After the break that is. Coming back from break they show last week when Stone cold Steve Austin made a fool of him. Cole Says Austin will have minimal effect on the match. That isn't what this is about. He won't talk about Jerry's family living of dead. He will have his family talk about hi, Out comes Jerry's son Brian Christopher. AKA Grand Master Sexy. He said Jerry was never a father to him. They go at it for awhile, then Brian start pushing Jerry around and sapping him. He said he never used the Lawler name because he was always ashamed of him.
  • Out comes Jim Ross, he confronts Michael Cole. Tells him this has gone far enough. Jim Ross takes exception to Cole saying that he is the voice of the WWE. JR says the fans are the Voices of the WWE. He says Jerry has been carrying Cole. He then called Cole a rat Bastard. JR is taking his hat coat and tie off. They are about to fight. Swagger comes out of the crowd and attacks the King . Jack puts JR in the Ankle lock. The king runs in for the save but swagger and Cole are too much. Swagger has Cole put JR in the Ankle Lock. Cole Screams that it is his time.
  • Coming back from break they remind us how Orton has taken out all the members of Nexus. Not it is Mason Ryan's turn. Out first is The Viper Randy Orton. Cole and Josh are now calling the action. Randy's Wife and Daughter are in the crowd. This can only be a bad thing for Randy. Mason Ryan come out and here we go.
  • Mason Ryan vs Randy Orton. Orton is in control early on but Mason quickly turns things around. CM Punk is on the Ramp watching the Match. Orton is taking a beating and the match is slowing down. The crowd starts chanting for Orton Orton tuns thing around but Mason lands a side slam 1,2, no 2 Count. RKO he gets the win. Now Punk has no one in his corner at Wrestlemania. Orton leaves the ring but stops short and comes back and punts Mason Ryan. They wheel Ryan out with neck brace and stretcher.
  • Drew Carey is the next member of the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • Cole is on the mic and says he will use that same Ankle lock to beat Lawler. And JR better stay out of his way.
  • Snooki is show in the back again this time with Zack Ryder.
  • Snooki is coming out now. Wow is short. She is happy to be the guest star tonight. She just want Trish to beat Vickie. Vickie comes out and says she will beat Trish and be hired on RAW. To Snooki Vickie says she never better lay her hands on her again.
  • Trish Stratus vs Vickie Guerrero. Vick starts doing jumping jacks and warming up after the bell rings. Dolph runs out to hell but Morrison fights him out. Then LayCool come out and they all beat up Trish Winner: Vickie.
  • After the match Michel McCool gets in Snooki's face. Cat fight. Vickie then challenges them to a match at Wrestlemania. Snooki, Trish, and Morrison vs Laycool and Dolph.
  • They show another Sin Cara promo. I am excited to see this guy.
  • Now Shawn Michaels is talking about the Undertaker. It will be hard to break the streak.
  • Alberto Del Rio comes out with his usually entrance. He is accompanied by Brodus Clay. Now out comes John Cena. This is a match between the two number one contenders.
  • Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena. the match gets underway and before it really gets going Cole announces that The Rock is there then they go to break again. Coming back from break Del Rio is in Control. Josh ask him how he knows about the Rock being there. Cole Says you will see. The is almost a double count out and they double clothes line each other. This is a good even back and forth match. Now Cena is gaining control. You can't see me. Then Cena Goes for Attitude Adjustment. Brodus Clay breaks it up and The Rocks music hits. Out comes The Miz Dressed as the Rock. Rock Bottom. The Del Rio and Clay finish off Cena. Three weeks in a row Cena is getting destroyed by the Miz. He rams Cena's back into the ring-post then suplexes him on the Ramp. Cena tries to fight back but the Miz DDT's him on the stage. Then as Cena Fights to get up he throws him into the big WWE Sign. Cena Fights to get up again and a Skull Crushing Finale onto the same sign. The Miz has a sick smile on his face. He is enjoying this too much. Four weeks in a row.

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