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Cageside Quote: Chael Sonnen Comments on Anderson Silva's Win Over Vitor Belfort at UFC 126

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Paul Lazenby got a hold of former middleweight contender, Chael Sonnen, immediately after the main event of UFC 126, where Anderson Silva retained his middleweight title via devastating knock out against Vitor Belfort:

"Thank you, Anderson, for revealing yet another weakness for me to exploit in our rematch. Beating that poor punching bag doesn't impress Uncle Chael, guy. You tipped your hand like a chump poker player at a $5 table in Atlantic City. You may have beaten Vitor, but in the process, you LOST your edge. By beating that husk, you gave me the last page of your playbook. Revel in your time, [because] it ENDS the night you face me. I will mow you down like autumn wheat, AGAIN."

We were minutes away from Sonnen becoming middleweight champion the first time around, before his lack of submission defense cost him dearly, submitting to a triangle armbar in the fifth round. He's still angling for that rematch, but he's got to win at least once upon his return, and I don't suspect it will be an easy fight. Actually, I imagine there's a certain Brazilian who Chael mentioned in the above quote that isn't Anderson Silva, by the name of Vitor Belfort (or "that poor punching bag"), who would gladly welcome him back to the UFC after his extended layoff.

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