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John Cena: Still Wrestling's Hardest Working Man


From Sunday's F4Wonline update:

 John Cena went above and beyond this weekend.  While he did miss last night's house show in Rochester, MN, due to attending Super Bowl activities in Dallas, put together by Gillette, including watching Kyle Busch play in a celebrity football game.  He then flew from Dallas to Philadelphia today for the house show, worked in the opener, and then flew back to Dallas for Super Bowl related stuff.  And then he'll fly to Raw after the game.


This should come as surprise to no-one. Cena's dedication to WWE, willingness to do do any role/project that comes his way, and refreshing lack of drama (by WWE main eventer standards, anyway) is fast become legendary. Hopefully, Cena will slow down his schedule soon, as burnout and exhaustion sounds like a very possiblity and it's questionable how long any human being can keep up an incredibly busy schedule like this. But, for the moment at least, Cena seems content with his role in WWE.  Additionally, Keith Harris has previously talked about the outstanding job Cena does as WWE's goodwill ambassador.

He's even too nice a guy to tell Brian Gerwitz his scrips are horrible.

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