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Ric Flair's friend gives new account of TNA issues w/ him & Kurt Angle


Journalist (and close Flair friend) Mike Mooneyham offers a different version of the recent Flair/European tour/money debacle here, on the Ringside Rap radio show. The comments in question come at the 85 minute mark. Mike's story is essentially this: Flair is actually owed a great deal of money by TNA and was merely asking for an advance on the money he was already owed. Flair has privately denied the story he was hitting up wrestlers for cash at the bar, reportedly claiming "These guys don't have any cash anyway." Mike later reinforces Flair is owed " a considerable amount of money in back pay" by TNA and that "a lot of guys are."

Flair also denied there was any real heat between him and the road agent, Craig Jenkins who turned down Flair's request. Flair also denies he never had any intention of missing the rest of the tour and only missed that one Germany show to make a point because he felt disrespected (Jenkins allegedly informed Flair that TNA didn't do advances since a bad experience with a then drug-addled and unreliable Dustin Rhodes; Flair angrily retorted: "Am I Dustin Rhodes?")

In an unrelated note, Mooneyham also claims that despite TNA looking like helpful and considerate employers over the health problems of Kurt Angle's pregnant wife, the company actually took two days to be convinced to let him off the tour (while she was still in labour) and he only got back after she'd delivered, when he could have arrived in the U.S far sooner. ("They had him stay there and refereeing a match over there, while they were trying to induce her labour!" a shocked Mooneyham claims at one point.) Kurt was reportedly told by other members of the roster to leave sooner, but allegedly felt pressure from Dixie and TNA to stay longer and, besides, Kurt is, as Mooneyham notes, "a company man."  

This is interesting: Infamous stories of Ric being fiscally irresponsible would certainly validate the original version of the story, but Mike's claims sound believable enough, especially considering the financial mess the company is in. The Angle story wouldn't personally shock me. Worth a listen anyway.  And credit to Cageside Seats reader Rovert for pointing out this Mooneyham story to me. 

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