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WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Results

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Join us here on Cageside Seats at 8:00pm ET as we live blog tonight's pay-per-view event, Elimination Chamber 2011. Will Jerry Lawler get a nostalgia win? Will the WWE go in another direction and have Edge drop the strap? Will someone not named John Cena win the RAW chamber? DO YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING?

Make sure to come back at 8 as we discuss all of these questions and more. Random thoughts and musings about the show will be posted after the jump!

- ALBERTO DEL RIO submits KOFI KINGSTON with the Cross Armbreaker.
- EDGE retained the World Heavyweight Championship after defeating Rey Mysterio, Kane, Drew McIntyre, The Big Show and Wade Barrett
- Booker T announced Trish Stratus as a  trainer for Tough Enough.
- THE CORRE (Justin Gabriel/Heath Slater) defeated Santino and Vladimir Kozlov to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions.
- The Miz retained the WWE Championship when he pinned Jerry "The King" Lawler with the Skull Crushing Finale.
- John Cena won the Raw Elimination Chamber and will go on to WrestleMania to take on The Miz

- Starting off with Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston.

- Booker T burying Kofi on commentary. Pretty much says he needs to display some RUTHLESS AGGRESSION.

- Del Rio submitted Kofi with the Cross Armbreaker. Not a very good match as ADR is an okay worker and Kofi is entertaining but sloppy at times. Time for Del Rio to focus on Wrestlemania while Kingston can languish in the midcard. Two stars at best.

- Todd Grisham interviewed Edge and the Rated R Superstar puts over how hellacious the Chamber is. Drew McIntyre interrupts and blames Kelly Kelly's firing on Edge. Really compelling stuff. NOT.

- We get a video package that explains just how HELLACIOUS~! the Chamber is. No one has mentioned Dolph Ziggler's termination yet.

- Time for the Smackdown Elimination Chamber. Order of entry into the cage: Kane, McIntyre, Wade Barrett, THE BIG SHOW (in lieu of the recently released Ziggler), Rey Mysterio and Edge. Rey Rey and Edge will begin the match. CAN EDGE OVERCOME THE ODDS?

- Highlights of the first segment: Edge backdropped Rey over the top rope onto the steel platform. Minutes later Rey hit a top rope hurracanrana. Lot's of punching, kicking and stomping. Wade Barrett is the third man in and he goes right at Rey.

- Highlights of the second segment: Barrett planted Mysterio with a sweet pumphandle powerbomb. Booker T rips into Michael Cole for talking about the other members of The Corre. Barrett looked pretty good as he got in extended beatdowns on both Edge and Rey...Wade tried to hit the Wasteland on Rey but he counted it with rana over the top rope back into the ring. Rey went for the 619 on Barrett but was met with a big boot from Edge. Pretty cool. Kane is the next man in and he goes after Edge. Continuity!

- Kane pretty much cleaned house until Mysterio booted him in the face. Whole lotta punching and kicking...kind of boring. Drew McIntyre is in next. He starts out by throwing Mysterio like a lawn dart into the side of one of the pods. Vicious!

- McIntyre is absolutely cleaning much so that he got a Holy Shit chant from the Oakland crowd. Booker T randomly exclaimed, "What the hell?!?" when Mysterio attempted to hit Kane with the 619. Big Show out now...Wade Barrett attempted to climb the side of the Chamber to escape him but it was not to be.

- Barrett is the first one eliminated courtesy of Big Show. Show gets hit with the Future Shock DDT, a seated senton from the top of a pod, a 619, a Spear and a chokeslam before being eliminated. McIntyre quickly followed Show out of the Chamber as he gets chokeslamed and pinned.

- Rey countered a chokeslam with a rana that set up for the 619 on Kane. He then went for another seated senton splash but Kane caught him. Edge ended up hitting a double spear before pinning Kane. The Big Red Machine stayed in the Chamber long enough to take out both Edge and Mysterio. These two started the match and now they will finish it.

- Booker T asked, "What's in this guy (Mysterio)?" My guess is a mixture of HGH and other "designer pharmaceutics." 

- Lots of near falls to end the match. Mysterio should be commended for taking practically every major bump in the match. Edge counted the 619 with the Edgecator but then Rey turned that into a small package of sorts. Rey dodged one Spear but was hit on the rebound but SOMEHOW kicked out at two. Edge then kicked out of the 619/springboard splash combo. The finish saw Edge spear Rey in midair after getting hit with yet another 619. Pretty good match but nothing truly special. Maybe three stars at best.

- Del Rio made his way into the Chamber and slapped the Cross Armbreaker on a worn down Edge. CHRISTIAN of all people made the save, avenging the injury he suffered at the hands of Del Rio six months ago. He hit the Killswitch/Unprettier on Del Rio and then Edge hit his Wrestlemania foe with a Spear to add insult to injury.

- Edge is the first champion in five years to successfully defend his title inside of the Elimination Chamber. 

- Matt Striker interviewed a very solemn Jerry Lawler in his locker room. The King cut a very understated promo. "I've had an okay career, I've won a match or two in my time but there are two things I've never done: win the WWE championship and compete at Wrestlemania [...] I don't want to let anyone down." Good stuff.

- Booker T introduced TRISH STRATUS as a trainer for Tough Enough. Trish called Booker "BT"...interesting. Stratus debuted her new catchphrase which was a hodgepodge of The Rock's and Booker T's own catchphrases to which BT said, "Tell me she did not just say that." Kind of an awful segment to be honest. I thought Trish was better on the microphone than that...maybe she was just out of practice or something.

- Time for the WWE Tag Team Championship match: Santino and Kozlov vs. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. Booker T called Gabriel 'Gable.' Pretty much a nothing match that saw Gabriel hit the 450 Splash on Kozlov to win the Tag Team Titles. Booker T thought Kozlov was going to kick out of Gabriel's finish...kind of humorous. 

-  Todd Grisham interviewed The Miz in the back. Miz said he was going to shatter Lawler's 40 years of hopes and dreams.

- Heat magnet Vickie Guerrero came out next to plead for the reinstatement of Dolph Ziggler. She said hit actions were a crime of passion. Teddy long came out and said that he hired Kelly Kelly back and that she has free reign to make Vickie's life a living hell. Laycool came out to make the save and beat down Kelly Kelly. Trish Stratus then came out to make the save for Kelly Kelly. Awful segment.

- Time for the WWE Championship match. The Miz is out first...and Alex Riley is dressed to wrestle for some reason. Interesting.

- Some big time chants of Lawler at the outset of the match. Lawler spent the early portion of the match trying to hit Miz with a flash pin. A distraction from Alex Riley turns the tide for the match as Miz beats up Lawler for a little while. Riley interjected himself into the match once again and was expelled from ringside. Lawler went for the piledriver (which I thought was banned) but Miz countered it and hit him with a boot to the face. They brawled on the outside and Lawler beat him from pillar to post. TONS of near falls but then The Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale out of nowhere to win the match. God awful finish to an otherwise decent match. 

- Another 2.21.11 promo followed by John Cena eating Fruity Pebbles in the back.

- Striker interviewed CM Punk in the back. He said he is batting 1.000 while Cena is simply a zero.

- Time for the Raw Chamber. Orton is the first one in followed by R-Truth, CM Punk, John Cena, King Sheamus and John Morrison. Morrison and Sheamus do what they have been doing for months minus PARKOUR PARKOUR PARKOUR. Ooops, I spoke too soon as Morrison scaled the side of the Chamber and hit a stiff kick to Sheamus' head. CM Punk got some cheers from the Oakland pod while he stood in his pod. Orton was the first man to be released and he cleared laid the smack down on Sheamus and Morrison.

- Orton hit Sheamus with the hangman's DDT onto the steal platform. Lots of nothing happened before CM Punk was due to be the next man in. Punk's pod was stuck so he was not able to get out of it which allowed Orton to smash the hell out of him. Orton hit Punk with a RKO and Punk was eliminated no longer than a minute after he entered the match.

- BUT WAIT! The Anonymous GM chimed in and allowed him to reenter his pod as he was reinstated in the match. Odd booking decision there.

- John Cena was the next man out and Sheamus jumped him as soon as his pod opened. Sheamus looked like he stiffed the hell out of Cena with a few knees to the face.

- Requisite "Let's go Cena" / "Cena sucks" chants from the Oakland crowd.

- R-Truth was the next man out but then he was eliminated by Sheamus. Really, it was just that simple.

- Cena and Orton fought for the 3,123th time this year.

- CM Punk hid in his pod and then hit Orton with the GTS to eliminate him. The crowd is behind him big time despite the fact that he is a heel.

- "Mr. Innovative" John Morrison eliminated Sheamus with his best imitation of Spiderman.

- Cena hit the Protobomb on CM Punk and followed it up with "You Can't See Me." Cena had CM Punk in position for the Attitude Adjustment on the steel platform but Morrison broke it up with a springboard double axehandle.  

- Morrison attempted to hit his running knee strike on Cena as he was propped up against the side of a pod but Cena moved and Morrison ran straight into the glass.

- Cena and Morrison teamed up to hit a Doomsday Device of sorts on CM Punk.

- Punk hit Morrison with the GTS and it looks like we know where this is going as Cena gave punk the AA on the steel platform. The match ended at 10:54pm ET so part of me thinks that they rushed the finish to ensure they finished before 11.

- Not a bad pay-per-view but also not as good as the Royal Rumble. The build to WrestleMania truly begins tomorrow night. Are you as pumped as I am for STING?????!?!?!?!????

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