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Brock Lesnar Biography Due May 24

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via Amazon
via Amazon

In the run up to Brock Lesnar's return from grave illness to defend the UFC Heavyweight championship against challenger Shane Carwin we began to see a lot more of friend and former WWE colleague Paul Heyman in the MMA media spotlight. Rumours run amok of Heyman's potential involvement in the sport but the only thing Heyman would confirm was his collaboration with Lesnar to bring out an official biography of the big man. Since then the only thing we've seen out of Heyman is some hit & miss Internet promotional videos for the critically acclaimed commercial flop that was EA Sports MMA video-game.

Now it looks like the Lesnar / Heyman penned biography is finished and hit the presses ready for release on May 24th. MMA Weekly has the skinny:

"Now I'm finally, I'm writing a book, and Paul's writing it, both him and I, and my book will be coming out here in the near future, and we've been spending a lot of time together," Lesnar said last year about his autobiography.

The book will apparently cover a lot of different subjects in his life, and for fans that have followed Lesnar's career from his time at the University of Minnesota to pro wrestling fame with the WWE, all the way to his days with the UFC, he's always been a pretty private person.

When someone says they're saving it all for the book, Lesnar was definitely serious about it.

Paul Heyman will be giving fans a taste of what to expect with choice snippets of the book to be posted on his website prior to release, and the finished product titled "Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination and Survival" is available for pre-order now at Amazon

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