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The Rock is one of a kind, and that may be a problem for WWE in 2011

I'm happy to see The Rock back on WWE TV.

It was a good idea for WWE to bring him in with Wrestlemania lacking a major hook.

Of course, naturally, when returning, he had to cut one of his usual amazing promos.

In the process, he blew away just about the whole roster, making them look like uncharismatic pretenders, and outright said that they were led by an idiot with a stupid catchphrase who paled in comparison to himself and Steve Austin.

It's not just that he was better.  It's that he was so much better that it was scary, AND he pointed it out.  Since he's probably not going to be wrestling Cena or anyone else (tearing his achilles tendon a while back made this even less likely than it seemed in the past), there was no reason to make fun of Cena the way he did.  What he said was funny as hell, but in the grand scheme of things it wasn't necessarily a good idea. 

Seeing him cut a promo on Raw in 2011 made it more noticeable than before that guys like Miz and Cena try to borrow a lot from him and fail miserably.  Yes, a lot of it is bad writing, but the vast majority of the audience doesn't know that.  When you take someone like The Rock, who has one in a million charisma and speaking ability, and put him on a show where some of the current headliners are attempting to ape elements of his promo style while shackled by terrible writing, you already know he's going to blow them away.  There was no way around that, though.  While Jerry Lawler's promos and angles have blown away everyone else's lately, at least the current stars didn't look like they were copying various elements of his promo style.

The Rock is the greatest talkers in the history of pro wrestling, and there's a strong argument for him being the very best.  Of course the difference will be extremely noticeable.  Everyone in WWE right now other than Santino Marella, CM Punk, Ricardo Rodriguez, and maybe Alberto Del Rio always sounds like they're lifelessly reading off a cue card.  That said, when they let The Rock completely, utterly own Cena (the guy who borrows elements of his own style the most) by pointing out how much he sucks and how much better he and Steve Austin are, you have to wonder if they've completely gone off the deep end or are planning something.  A scenario where The Rock endorses Cena somehow?  It would have to be done perfectly to work, especially at Wrestlemania since the large concentration of hardcore fans often boos the hell out of Cena.  Hell, they may very well ignore it.  It wouldn't be a surprise at all.

Sure, we live for The Rock insulting people in funny ways, but when it's true and it buries the current state of the company, it's questionable.

Coming in a month in a half, it's Wrestlemania, featuring The Rock!  There are also a bunch of dudes who aren't as good as him and Steve Austin (especially John Cena, who's catchphrase is ridiculously lame)!

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