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The Rock returns to WWE Raw and will host Wrestlemania 27

While it had become pretty clear over the last week or so that The Rock would be the host of Wrestlemania 27, it wasn't definite.  

This afternoon, he pretty much confirmed it when he posted this on Facebook:

‎"...FINALLY..." Get ready... DJ

As the last segment of tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw started, it became obvious what was about how to happen.  After a display of odd sounds over the PA and images on the Titantron, the lights and screens went off one by one.  It was clear that they were priming the crowd to completely explode when they heard those three familiar words:


Cue the biggest pop I have heard in my life, as The Rock returned to Raw to announce he was hosting Wrestlemania 27 in a long segment (the show ran 15 minutes long, ending at 11:20 PM Eastern)) where he did all of his shtick, cutting a classic Rock promo where he made fun of Michael Cole when a General Manager email arrived, made fun of John Cena, and interestingly promised as "Dwayne" that he will never leave WWE again.

More later, as The Rock is doing a live chat right now at, but what a moment...

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