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Afterthoughts on Strikeforce: Silva v Fedor



(I hope I never see this fucking logo again, and after tonight, I don't believe I will.)

  • Boy, do I remember the heat I took for posting that Brock Lesnar would smoke Fedor Emelianenko back in November of 2009 (immediately following the latter's less-than-impressive effort against Brett Rogers).  People were calling for my job.  I simply didn't understand that a pudgy, 5'11 1/2, 230 lb heavyweight was always going to reign supreme.  I was called arrogant for simply stating that nobody lorded over a division forever.  Well, forgive me for my schadenfreude, but I feel vindicated.  Fedor's current inability to hang at HW is not a knock at his amazing streak.  It's simply over now.
  • Fedor at 205 still interests me, particularly against Strikeforce's crop.  I think he could do things in that division.
  • Bigfoot fought smart in the second until he gave up position for a leglock attempt (even I know that's dumb).  He is no slouch in the BJJ department, so a rematch between he and Werdum intrigues me.  I believe that Overeem will murder him if they fight.
  • AA needs to follow Chuck Liddell's lead.  Who would have thought that Affliction's two final headliners would be out of the game by the beginning of 2011?
  • I gotta stop allowing pleasing radio personalities to sway my fight picks.  Griggs is going to do the exact same thing against every opponent, and I will look forward to watching it.  Villante should cut to 205 forever.
  • It's Har-E-TAWN-Ov.  Not the hardest thing in the world.  Awesome to see him get a big win.
  • That was the worst announcing trio in the history of sports.
  • Oh, and Ray Sefo has no ground game.

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