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Creative has nothing for Brodus Clay but he had something for them

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There was a conversation in the comments here on Cageside recently about pro wrestling media and what it's like to report on anything involving the business. Basically, it's a pain in the ass because everyone is lying and everyone is trying to work you, even on things that, in the real world, would be deemed completely insignificant.

So, take everything with a grain of salt.

That said, there are those who have become reliable sources of information, such as that wrestling site we don't name round these parts because visiting it will make your computer grown a brain and hate your guts. Others include Dave Meltzer, of course, from The Wrestling Observer, and his latest newsletter has a wonderfully awesome story about Brodus Clay that I had to share with you Cagesiders.

Clay disappeared for a few months to film a WWE movie over the summer. Then he came back and here's where I'll let Meltzer take over:

When he was ready to return after doing a WWE movie and asked creative what they had planned for him, the answer they gave him is they had no idea, but suggested that he come up with an idea for himself. So he came up with the idea of being a monster heel who doesn't sell for the faces, and beats them all up and inducts them into his personal House of Pain. He was told that was a great idea.

Clay's return was at the beginning of August. Right around the time a certain someone turned into a monster heel who stopped selling for babyfaces and beat the hell out of them as an induction into his "Hall of Pain."

So thanks, Brodus Clay, for coming up with the idea that helped push Mark Henry over the top as a mega heel and eventually earned him the world heavyweight championship, which he still holds to this day.

Oh and Clay is still sitting at home, waiting to make his big debut on Raw. I guess Creative still doesn't have anything for him.

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