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WWE 2011 Slammy Award for Superstar of the Year winner should be ...

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... who?

Just days away from the WWE 2011 Slammy Awards, which will take place on next Monday's (Dec. 12) episode of Raw, the company website is asking for fans to vote for who will be the "Superstar of the Year."

There are six candidates to choose from:

1. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio did it all this year. He won the Royal Rumble but failed in his bid to win the world heavyweight championship (because of a late change in plans thanks to Edge retiring). He won the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase and later the WWE championship. His feud with Edge was memorable. His title reign, not so much.

2. CM Punk

Kicked off the year with an outstanding feud with Randy Orton that culminated in a great match at WrestleMania. Not long after, he delivered his infamous shoot promo on Raw and went on to have one of the greatest and hottest matches in WWE history at Money in the Bank against John Cena. He faltered mid-year under the weight of Triple H and Kevin Nash but recovered to win the WWE title, which he still holds today.

3. John Cena

He would be a shoo in for this award every year, no matter what he does, simply because of his name. He started the year feuding with The Miz for the WWE title while simultaneously setting up his big money program with The Rock. He was also the guy who put Punk over at Money in the Bank. He's won and lost the WWE title and mostly remained either directly in the main event scene or right on the fringe of it.

4. Mark Henry

"The World's Strongest Man" didn't do much of anything to start the year but his being drafted to Smackdown and subsequent heel turn in April has led to great things. He won the world heavyweight championship from Randy Orton and hasn't looked back ever since.

5. The Miz

I'm not entirely sure why he's on this list. He started the year as WWE champion and feuded with John Cena through WrestleMania, where he successfully defended his title in the main event but he was an afterthought throughout the entire process. All eyes were on Rock vs. Cena, not Miz vs. Cena. He eventually dropped the title and went on to tag team with R-Truth for most of the remainder of the year to mixed results.

6. Randy Orton

As noted previously, Orton had a great feud with Punk leading to a match at WrestleMania. Shortly after, he was drafted to Smackdown and quickly won the world heavyweight championship while engaging in a solid program with Christian that yielded multiple pay-per-view main event quality matches. He dropped the title to Mark Henry, putting him over in a big way, and has since gone on an unprecedented run of elevating talent around him. He's in the process of doing that with Wade Barrett as of this writing.

Those are your candidates, Cagesiders. For my money, it's a difficult decision. On the one hand, Punk did an awful lot to rekindle interest in pro wrestling as a whole. On the other, Henry has almost single-handedly made Smackdown a great show for months on end. Then again, the fact that Orton has been using his talent in the ring and standing within the company to elevate talent earns him strong consideration alone.

It's a tough one, folks. My vote, along with a poll so you can cast yours, is after the jump.

My vote goes to Mark Henry with Randy Orton coming in right on his heels and CM Punk a close third. Your turn:

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