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UFC 141: Brock Lesnar loses in one round and retires from MMA, can a WWE return be far behind?

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After what was hyped as the biggest heavyweight fight in the promotion's history, Brock Lesnar failed to win his return bout against the debuting Alistair Overeem in the main event of UFC 141.

The fight started off with both fighters exchanging and it was obvious from the beginning the former Strikeforce champion was far more comfortable on his feet than his opponent. Several failed takedown attempts from the former NCAA champion led to a devastating body attack from the Dutchman that proved to be Lesnar's undoing.

Now, after losing two fights in a row -- the first being to Cain Velasquez back at UFC 121 -- in definitive fashion, "The Next Big Thing" is hanging up his 4XL four ounce gloves. After Lesnar's recent comments where he all but signed a new contract with the WWE, it seems the time might be ripe for his return to the squared circle.

While the UFC might have been hoping to milk one last fight from the hulking behemoth, Lesnar has decided that he's had enough of "real fighting." On top of that, his stock -- and his reputation as a top-ranked heavyweight -- have taken a major, "Ubereem"-sized hit. That in itself might also hurt his chances at getting his old job back.

Coming off a win, Lesnar returning as the conquering hero would have done big business for the WWE but promoting someone many could look at as a "UFC also-ran" could prove to be a harder sell for Vince McMahon and company. While that is certainly something to consider, Lesnar's name and following is still worth something among wrestling fans.

Can a trip to Stamford be far behind?

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