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Brock Lesnar says he's an 'ultimate fighter' before hinting at WWE return

Photo by Esther Lin via
Photo by Esther Lin via

Brock Lesnar will climb back inside the cage tonight at UFC 141 in Las Vegas, Nevada, against Alistair Overeem for his first fight in over a year. It's also the first time he will compete following his surgery to remove 12 inches of his intestine due to complications with diverticulitis back in May.

He looks healthy and raring to go, telling press at the pre-fight press conference that he's "an underdog with a big f*cking bite."

His WWE career has only ever come up in conversation once or twice and he's remained coy regarding a potential return. He keeps pushing the line that he works for the UFC and that's that but he also makes sure to leave the door open to head back to the squared circle.

Here's what he said recently about it (via

"I was recently asked to be on a WWE Legends video game, and when I did it rumors sprouted I was coming back. I'm an ultimate fighter. I know (pro wrestling's) always there. If the organization sees business to be made off me, I don't think anyone in their right mind would turn down money, do you?"

That's quite the turnaround from sentence to sentence. He's an "ultimate fighter" but he won't turn down the big money payday Vince McMahon has been trying to use to lure him back to the WWE.

What should be interesting is seeing what happens in his fight against "The Reem" tonight, not just because it will likely have a major effect on his future MMA career but because it may also affect his drawing power in pro wrestling. There's a big difference between coming back as a guy who was successful in the UFC and won the heavyweight title and beat some of the best in the world and a guy who did all that before fighting a few guys who were bad match-ups and getting embarrassed to the point he took off on the business.

That's not to say that's what will happen but it's certainly something to watch out for. Stay tuned, Cagesiders.

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