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WWE: Will the mystery return man on Jan. 2, 2012, interrupt the CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler match on Raw?

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We're now just days away from the WWE mystery return man finally being revealed on Monday Night Raw this coming Jan. 2, 2012, from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee.

The cryptic videos with the creepy kids have been airing on Raw for weeks on end now and the details surrounding who exactly it is that is returning are still unclear. Many are standing firm in their belief that it is Chris Jericho, while just as many are claiming it is not.

Either way, the latest edition of Figure Four Weekly has some details on a potential angle for the mystery man's return:

We don't have details, but there have been creative plans changed with a number of top stars this week, including CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Miz and Truth. Obviously the latter two will be feuding. Punk defends the WWE Title against Ziggler in the main event of Monday's Raw. There is at least the possibility that the mystery man set to debut (who most in the company still believe is Chris Jericho, though Jericho is denying it and there are others in the company who now believe it won't be him, but that he will still be in sometime very soon) will do so during the Punk vs. Ziggler match, perhaps even costing Punk the title. More than likely, Punk would retain, perhaps via DQ, setting up Punk vs. Mystery Man for the belt at Royal Rumble. It could be nothing or it could be a clue that this week's promo interrupted a CM Punk ring entrance.

This entire ordeal has become one big clusterf*ck of epic proportions. If the rumors are true that it's Jericho, it would make sense for him to either cost Punk the title or have him lose and lead to a feud between the two. A match at Royal Rumble may have been planned but it would seem to make more sense to me to have Jericho enter and win the Rumble to earn a shot at the WWE championship at WrestleMania. That's all the set up they need.

This would also be an easy fix to the problem of who is going to win the Rumble, considering preliminary plans called for Randy Orton to win it before he suffered an injury that could keep him out for who knows how long.

Jericho winning the Rumble kills two birds with one stone.

Then again, maybe it's not Jericho and maybe the mystery return man will want nothing to do with CM Punk and the entire thing will go in a direction none of us are thinking of. The fact that WWE has been able to keep the suspense going this long means one of two things: 1) they've done a masterful marketing job and deserve all the accolades in the world or 2) they're doing this on the fly and still haven't quite worked out exactly who is showing up next Monday and what they want to do with him.

The speculation ends on Jan. 2. Or, as the creepy kid with a thesaurus tells us, "The End Begins."