E-wrestling for Cagesiders: Revival Pro Wrestling


A few weeks ago I posted a call out to anyone who might be interested in joining an "e-wrestling league" for members of Cageside Seats. I received enough responses to decide that the fed is for sure going to happen! This post is designed to explain the game a bit more and hopefully attract a few new members before we get started.

E-Wrestling is a game where you design a wrestler with a gimmick, look, and attributes of your choosing, and then roleplaying as that character by cutting promos, starting feuds, planning sneak attacks, starting alliances, working angles... well, everything a wrestler does! Your wrestler's success in the ring and in the fed will be based on the quality of your promos, how you develop your character, and what works storyline-wise.

The fed will be called REVIVAL PRO WRESTLING, and it will be run via e-mail. Twice a week the "Revival Dirt Sheet" will 'air', and this will be your opportunity to speak your mind, talk some trash, and develop your character. This is done by writing Roleplays (or RPs). The tone, setting, and content of these RPs is up to you; but the intent of them should be to further angles, bring life to your character, and all-around entertain. You'll write out your RP, e-mail it to me, and I will collect them all and send them out for everyone to read! (For examples on how to write/structure your RP, check out the comment section of my earlier fanpost on e-wrestling).

Every week ‘Wednesday Night Revival’ will air and this is where the action happens! Matches will be written by the RPW staff, though for the weekly show the matches will be summarized. On ‘Revival’, you can email the commissioner to request any actions you feel like taking. Did someone cheat to win last week? Come out and challenge them to a rematch the following week! Are you a heel and just dislike a goody-goody face? Tell the commish you want to attack the do-gooder backstage! There are also slots for in-ring promos and backstage segments – though, these have to be approved by the staff first. Also, just because you try to Pearl Harbor someone, that doesn’t mean you will be successful…

There will be a list of rules sent out soon to everyone that has replied so far, but let me just say the #1 rule is - have a good time. Too many feds get bogged down with competition and people being jerks. This will be the anti-jerk fed!

If you haven't done so yet, email me at and I'll put you on the list of people to contact when this thing gets started.

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