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That was awesome! (clap clap clapclapclap): I'm not good at math ... is this a 630° moonsault?

Photo via <a href="">Dragon Gate USA</a>
Photo via Dragon Gate USA

So Dragon Gate and its stateside counterpart Dragon Gate USA (DG USA) have built their reputation on high flying exciting action. Check out a highlight reel from any one of their events and you'll be astonished at how many death-defying moves you'll see.

Here's one from across the Pacific from standout Ricochet and a ... what? 630 degree moonsault? 360 plus 270, right?

I should have paid attention in high school.

It's a double moonsault, however many degrees that is and he jumps off the top turnbuckle like Greg Louganis coming off a diving board.

Ricochet is currently one-half of DG USA's tag champs holding the Open the United Gate titles with CIMA after defeating PAC and Yoshino this past September.

The next time he steps inside the ring will be for sister promotion EVOLVE when he challenged DG USA Open the Freedom Gate champion Johnny Gargano on Jan. 14.

But before he does, check it out this insanely move.

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