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Former WWE star Mark Canterbury in intensive care after car crash

In yet another horrifying story involving a former WWE star, all the major wrestling news sites are reporting that Mark Canterbury, best known for his mid '90s gimmick as rasslin' pig farmer Henry Godwinn, is in intensive care after being involved in a scary sounding car crash.  He is believed to have suffered a catalogue of injuries including two punctured lungs, a broken leg and multiple broken ribs.  Some reports are saying that the accident occurred through Canterbury somehow driving his vehicle off a cliff.  We at Cageside Seats would like to wish him a full and speedy recovery from these catastrophic injuries and the very best of luck for the future.

Canterbury's WWE career was cut short by a series of neck injuries.  He suffered a broken neck on the Shotgun Saturday Night tapings on April 21st 1997 at the hands of The Legion Of Doom when he took their Doomsday Device finisher and landed badly.  He returned to action at a Madison Square Garden house show less than one month later, but his neck problems flared up again in September 1998, not long after competing in WWE's only shoot fighting tournament, the Brawl For All, where he lost in the first round to eventual runner up Bradshaw.  Not long thereafter he had neck fusion surgery, which for all intents and purposes ended his major league wrestling career.

Despite looking terrible in several tryout matches, he was rehired by WWE in September 2006, largely as a favour to his friend Triple H, who knew that Canterbury needed the job to get his life back on track, after having a hard time recovering from the bereavement of his son Jordan in a shooting accident and his father in late 2003.  However, he never made it past developmental and was fired after several months, probably because by that point he was too old and banged up to work at the levels WWE management would expect from him.  Knowing how Triple H looks out for his friends in need, it wouldn't be surprising if he steps in again and gets WWE to pay for Canterbury's medical bills, like he recently did for Barry Windham.

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