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That was awesome! (clap clap clapclapclap): The Undertaker Tombstones Triple H onto an escalator

For an environment that isn't known for thinking outside the box, Shotgun Saturday Night sure was an interesting experiment.

The WWE's syndicated offerings for years prior had been a few matches that had taken place at a bigger event -- say a house show at Madison Square Garden -- but taped for an episode of Action Zone or even the short-lived Mania. Even today, those matches are taped before or after a Raw or Smackdown event.

But Shotgun Saturday Night did away with all that, at least temporarily. Attempting to tap into a younger, hipper audience, the WWE began setting up shop in nightclubs and other hot spots around New York City.

It also housed racier content. The debut episode's main event -- which left an indelible impression on my 13-year old mind -- ended after Marlena distracted The Sultan by flashing him, allowing Goldust to get the win.

 Another memorable moment came when The Undertaker took on a pre-Triple H Hunter Hearst Helmsley at Penn Station in the bustling heart of the Big Apple.

Check it out.


And that's how the episode ended!

It was a very cool and innovative way of using the surroundings to help put the match over. Unfortunately, the format wouldn't last and soon enough, the matches were taking place inside a regular venue just like every other bit of syndicated programming that came before and would come after.

I got to thinking about this moment when I realized that The Undertaker has wrestled only once in the past 12 months -- against none other than Triple H at WrestleMania 27. His WrestleMania streak sits at 19-0 and there's no way he doesn't go out without the 20th win. So when does the build up for that begin? We're now about four months away from Miami.

But according to his Wikipedia earlier today, he's been released from the WWE and is considering signing to TNA. Oh, Eric Bischoff... is there anything you won't do to work the internet?


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