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Video: John Cena cuts another promo on The Rock at WWE house show in Newcastle

Put a microphone in front of John Cena, at a house show or a TV taping, and you'll get one narrative from him regarding The Rock -- "I'm here, he's not."

He did it again in the above video at a WWE live event in Newcastle, saying:

"The famous Hollywood Icon only shows up three times a year. And I know that some of you are filming this and I know that he's going to see this and be pissed off. But the famous Hollywood Icon will be there Monday and at Survivor Series."

He goes on after that to praise the other superstars in the ring, those men being Kofi Kingston, CM Punk and Mick Foley. But the venom (if you can call it that) was reserved for The Rock, who will indeed finally make his return, live and in person, at Raw next Monday night (Nov. 14) for the three-hour show in Boston.

While it's good to see WWE cultivate this storyline at house shows, going so far as having Cena admit to knowing filming would take place and find its way online, what I find disappointing in this entire feud is the fact that Cena refuses to evolve his promos. His talking point is the same thing it was the very first time he brought up "The Great One" in an interview on a red carpet.

It's been two years now. That's entirely too long to go without introducing a new concept or idea.

Knowing this feud will go on until at least WrestleMania 28 on April 1, 2012, Cena has to know that he needs some new material. Repetition breeds contempt. And annoyance. And death.

The biggest feud to come along in years deserves better than one talking point.

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