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Cageside Quote: If Rashad Evans was a pro wrestler, he would be like Macho Man Randy Savage

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UFC light heavyweight contender Rashad Evans, unlike his arch nemesis Quinton Jackson, is never going to venture into the world of professional wrestling. But if he did, he knows exactly who he would model his character after (via MirrorSport):

"Pro wrestling is tough, man. It's not like it's easy on your body and the schedule is grueling. I wouldn't want to trade in doing something real to do something fake. It would be fun to do but I would feel like I would be trading. I like what's real. And those wrestlers... it's real in the respect that they go out there and they do all those moves and they're jumping and doing stuff like that but I don't like the whole script behind it. Even though I did love Macho Man, Macho Man is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. If I was a wrestler, I would be someone like that but it's just not for me."

Ooooohhhh yyyyeeeaaaahhhhh!

Evans was one of the many mixed martial artists who expressed their condolences when Randy Savage died this past May. He admitted to being influenced by the Macho Man and clearly he's still a fan of the "Madness."

His explanation for why he wouldn't want to make the jump from MMA to pro wrestling is obviously rooted in his love of legitimate competition. Surely this is why many more fighters decide against going from the sporting side of the business to the entertainment. That said, if you could choose any fighter in MMA right now to switch to pro wrestling, can you think of anyone who could potentially become a major player?

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