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AJ Styles injury threatens TNA Turning Point pay-per-view (Spoilers included)

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Before we get into this post I just want to make sure to say that SPOILERS ARE INCLUDED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO AVOID SPOILERS, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

This past Friday at a live TNA event in Battle Creek, Michigan, AJ Styles suffered an ankle injury. We've since learned that it's a grade two ankle sprain, an injury that typically requires between two and four weeks to properly heal.

Why is this bad news? As you'll find out this Thursday night (Nov. 10), Styles was booked to challenge Bobby Roode for the heavyweight championship in the main event of Turning Point this Sun., Nov. 13.

Styles says he's going to try to work the match:

"Grade 2 on a high ankle sprain and normally takes about 2-4 weeks to recover. I got 1 week, let's do this! ... At physical therapy right now for my ankle. I got work to do this Sunday."

Under normal working conditions, Styles would be put on the shelf so he doesn't risk further injury. Really, there's no reason at all for him to work a match on Sunday, especially considering the fact that pay-per-view won't even crack 10,000 buys.

But this is TNA.

Kurt Angle, as you may recall, was allowed to work his match against Bobby Roode at Bound for Glory with a bum hamstring. So what happened during the match? He tore it completely and he's now likely to be out for several months. Will we see something similar this Sunday night?

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out a recent picture of Styles' ankle. It shows just how bad it actually is and makes it hard to think he could work a solid match with it in its current state. There are still a few days for recovery but this still seems like a dumb idea.


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