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Warrior teases a starring role in new reality TV show via YouTube

As much as Warrior insists that he's moved on from wrestling, doesn't need the superficial fame anymore and strived to make good choices in life, his behaviour suggests otherwise.  Obviously craving attention, he started trolling Hulk Hogan via social media a few months ago, which eventually led to the release of a 55 minute narcissistic rambling shoot interview where he buried Hogan but only made himself look worse in the process.  He wasn't even done cheap-shotting Hogan then, later calling him "a Vagina Man" and making fun of his daughter posing nude for PETA.

Now he's teasing a starring role in a new reality TV show via his YouTube channel mrultimatewarrior.  The video, which can be seen after the jump, starts off by issuing the following bizarre statement:

The Ultimate Warrior was recently sighted in Los Angeles initiating new recruits for the One Warrior Nation.

As of now, we've been told that these new recruits are influential and controversial artists from today's hard rock scene.  These new recruits had the courage and intensity to sign away all liability rights for injuries, paralysations and even death as a result of enlisting.

Nova Entertainment, a professional film/TV crew, caught all of these extreme mind/body/soul training sessions on camera.

Civilian witnesses on set have been seen on social networking sites referring to the sessions as "epic life changing events that the word intensity doesn't begin to describe".  We have been told... The O.W.N Revolution will be televised...

The following message from Warrior was reportedly sent to the rock targets prior to his arrival in Los Angeles...

Cue the expected aggressive pseudo-philosophical sergeant major promo where Warrior looks absolutely juiced out of his mind.  Hmm, the dangers of steroids must be the one life lesson Warrior skipped out on.  I'm very sceptical that Warrior can become the hard rock version of Simon Cowell, but it will be amusing to see him try.  

Cagesiders, please have the courage to say "I disagree" in the comments section if you think I'm being too harsh on old Warrior man.  I don't want you ever standing for my bullsh*t if it doesn't sit well in the real world you live in.  Do that much at least!

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