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Kevin Nash returns to Raw and cuts an awesome promo ... aside from some really unfortunate wording

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WWE Raw was in Liverpool, England, last night (Nov. 7) and the big advertisement for the show was the return of Kevin Nash to address his attack on Triple H from last week.

He was given a prime spot to cut his promo and he came through with a fairly well put together speech. His delivery was solid, he didn't sound like he was pilled up or drunk and he looked as good as he has in years.

But, not unlike Triple H, he produced a moment that will relentlessly be made fun of by comedians everywhere.

"The Game" was dogged out by "The Soup" for his cheesy line that "Kevin Nash broke my heart." Nash, on the other hand, will get it much worse for his unfortunate wording towards the end of his promo. Here it is (emphasis mine):

"As I walked out of that arena and looked back at a monitor and saw them putting you on that board I said, 'You know what? I could do it again.' You sat there like a helpless little child. And I took advantage of you... with your sledgehammer, the cerebral assassin."

Oh, Nash ... no. Not only did he string together the worst possible sentence to get his point across, he actually paused for effect after delivering that fateful line.

Memo to all pro wrestlers -- Comparing your having knocked a guy out with a sledgehammer to taking advantage of a helpless little child is so far beyond dumb, it's unfathomable. I've been a longtime fan of Nash, as you can see him quoted on the top right hand of the site, but this absolutely deserves to be mocked endlessly.

Catch the video of the promo, which, again, was actually pretty damn good aside from that horrific line, after the jump.

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