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Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman wants to return to WWE but Vince McMahon isn't ready

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Last night (Nov. 7) before Raw, Sean Waltman, who wrestled under the name X-Pac (among others), was on Twitter informing his followers that he had a big announcement to make once Raw hit the air.

Naturally, speculation turned to whether or not Waltman would be announcing some sort of return to WWE. After all, Kevin Nash returned and Triple H shouted him out on TV. As Nash said in his shoot-like promo last night, he called "The Game" and asked him about "getting the band back together."

Waltman is undoubtedly a part of that band.

However, the big announcement Waltman was alluding to was that he's going to host a Royal Rumble party in St. Louis the night before the big pay-per-view event on Jan. 28. From

Sean "X-Pac" Waltman will be hosting at least two wrestling parties this year! He'll be running the second annual "MANIA Party" in Miami during WrestleMania weekend and now, he's headed to St. Louis, Missouri to put on the first annual "Rumble VIP Party". The event will take place on Saturday, January 28th - the night before the 2012 Royal Rumble - at the Europe Night Club in St. Louis.

It doesn't take a skilled mathematician to add two plus two and get four but is this evidence enough that Waltman will be returning to WWE? Nash returned for a surprise appearance at the Rumble last year before getting his big program on TV six months later. Can we expect something similar from X-Pac?

While that's definitely a possibility, and Waltman himself says he wants to do it, Vince McMahon apparently isn't ready to let him back into the club.

"I would love to one day return home to WWE. I still need more time doing well. Not long ago I attempted suicide. I understand Vinces fear," Waltman wrote on Twitter.

"You can thank WWE's Wellness Policy for me being here tweeting with you. They spent almost as much on me as they have on Scott. I hope one day they decide to get a return back on that investment in saving my life."

Waltman has had a long history of issues with drug abuse and depression. In 2008 while with AAA, he attempted suicide by hanging in Mexico City. That eventually resulted in his getting WWE sponsored rehab, thanks in large part to both Kevin Nash and Triple H.

He's doing better now, to the point that he made a return for Shawn Michaels' Hall of Fame induction ceremony earlier this year and has worked with Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) but bringing him back to WWE is still too risky, it seems.

In fact, when asked by a fan on his Twitter whether or not he's still smoking weed, Waltman honestly replied that he "still enjoys it." He did say, though, that "it doesn't go along with their program" and that he would "quit completely if asked."

Considering his history, that may or may not be so. Then again, considering WWE's history, it's not crazy to think one of the surprise entrances in next year's Royal Rumble will be X-Pac.

Stay tuned.

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