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WWE paying for Barry Windham's recovery from his heart attack

Barry Windham wrestling as The Stalker in the WWF in 1996.  Not one of the highlights of his career.  Photo via <a href=""></a>.
Barry Windham wrestling as The Stalker in the WWF in 1996. Not one of the highlights of his career. Photo via

For those wondering about the status of former WWF / NWA / WCW star Barry Windham, who suffered a heart attack in late October that almost killed him, thankfully he's beginning the long road to recovery.  In his Sunday wrestling column for the Post and Courier, Mike Mooneyham interviewed Barry's father, Bob Windham, also a WWF / NWA star in the past as Blackjack Mulligan, who gave scary details about finding his son passed out in a heap after suffering a seizure:

"He just fell.  He passed out.  He was totally out of it when we found him.  He couldn't hear me.  I asked him how many fingers I had, and he said he didn't know.  He couldn't raise his right hand and couldn't move his right fingers.

I couldn't even get him up.  I couldn't lift him.  It took seven guys and the emergency crew to get him up and put him in the wagon.

He obviously fell, but we don't know why.  It could have been all day before we found him.   By then the organs were failing, and he didn't even recognize us."

Barry's collapse caused him numerous injuries including a dislocated knee, a broken wrist, a bent foot, damaged elbows, a bump on the back of his head and possibly a broken or chipped neck that caused him to lose sensation in his limbs.  Amazingly his doctors are still uncertain about whether he also suffered a stroke, but thankfully his heart is in good shape considering the ordeal he went through:

"We couldn't tell what the problem was for a long time.  He did have a heart attack.  The heart procedure went all right.  The doctor said there was minimal damage and that he had a big, strong heart, and that he was going to be OK.  We just don't know about the stroke damage.  He obviously had some kind of seizure, some type of stroke, because he doesn't have full control."

Bob also revealed that his son Barry has been moved to a top flight rehabilitation centre, thanks to the intervention of Triple H, who has persuaded WWE, the company his father-in-law Vince McMahon runs, to fund Barry's recovery.  Hunter often gets a lot of flak on this site for how he positions his onscreen character to the detriment of the rest of the WWE talent on Raw and Smackdown, but he deserves a lot of praise for using his power and wealth to help out his buddies, like Scott Hall, Sean Waltman and now Barry Windham, in their times of need.  So three cheers for Triple H!  Who thought we would every say that on this cynical site?  It's just a shame that such medical interventions are so frequently needed in the wrestling industry.

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