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Countdown to High Noon: The Colony's Green Ant is marching along

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We're a little over a week away from the biggest moment in Chikara's history.

Next Sunday (Nov. 13), the promotion takes the big leap onto internet pay-per-view (iPPV) with their 10th season finale, "High Noon" live on The card is stacked from top to bottom and is main evented by "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush taking on "War King" Eddie Kingston to crown the first-ever Grand Champion.

While that bout has everything needed to be the best of the evening, there are several undercard matches that could potentially steal the steal. We've already spoken with Archibald Peck, Sara Del Rey, and UltraMantis Black about their match for the show, each of which could end up being the best.

This week we sat down with Green Ant of The Colony at Cageside Seat Towers to discuss his big match with Tursas at "High Noon." It a grudge match over a year in the making after the big man helped his Die Bruderschaft des Kruezes (BDK) stablemate defeat the The Colony in a tag title match.

The feud continued throughout 2010 and this year when at the 2011 King of Trios (KOT), The Colony bested BDK when Green Ant bodyslammed the nearly 400-pound Tursas and then submitted Jakob Hammermeier with a Torture Rack.

Now the stage is set to settle the score once and for all. But before he stepped inside the ring, Ant was looking for a bit of advice.

Green Ant got the seal of approval from "The Total Package" himself, Lex Luger!

Before we get to Green Ant, check out the latest "High Noon" report straight from Jessie McKay!


Cageside Seats: You've got a big grudge against against BDK member Tursas at High Noon and have been asking for advice on how to slay the man-beast. What's the best advice you've gotten and who was it from?

Green Ant: Well, I greatly appreciate the advice I got from all the CHIKARA veterans I've asked, no matter how confusing or odd their words may have been at times. If I had to pinpoint one bit of advice that stuck with me, it would probably be something Mike Quackenbush went over with me at the Wrestle Factory recently.

Is The Colony going back stay backstage no matter what during your match? Or will they run out to even the odds in case BDK members show their ugly faces? 

I've asked my partners to let me handle this one on my own. This is a personal issue I have with Tursas, and unlike him, I would prefer to fight this battle for myself without bringing others into it. Unless things get completely out of hand, it's a safe bet that my partners will remain in the locker room during my match at "High Noon."

What was a more fulfilling experience for you in 2011? Winning KOT with The Colony or touring Japan with Osaka Pro with Fire Ant?

That's a very good question, and it's something that I've actually been putting some thought into recently. I've yet to come to a solid conclusion, but I think I'm leaning towards the Osaka Pro tour. That was such a huge step in my career, and it was an absolute honor to perform in Japan for the great fans of Osaka Pro. It meant a lot to Fire Ant, Eddie Kingston, and myself that Osaka Pro allowed us to be a part of their family even for just a week. However, perhaps that tour wouldn't have been possible if we didn't win King Of Trios 2011? So I can't really rank one over the other.

What's Lex Luger like outside the ring? I bet he's a nice guy. 

Indeed he is! He also has an amazing collection of USA flag print clothing. I'm very jealous.

Tell me about your experience in this year's Young Lions Cup. You made it to the finals, what were your emotions that night in Easton?

Young Lions Cup was a crazy scene this year. With Hurricane Irene looming over the East Coast, everyone was on edge, and the sudden news that the complete tournament would be taking place in one night only added to that vibe. I came into that tournament determined to win, and looking back on the event, it seems that Jakob and Tursas came into it determined to stop me from winning. My first round match was a grueling four-man elimination match, where I managed to eliminate every other competitor, so I was going into the semi-finals full of adrenaline. After I knocked Jakob out of the tournament (easily, I might add) and secured my spot in the finals, I was elated. Then, in an instant, the entire landscape of the tournament changed when Tursas did what he does best and cheap-shotted me from behind, injuring my ribs and back. I don't blame my loss in the finals on those injuries, but I can't help but hold a grudge against the man who caused them.

One last question: if you were to get married tomorrow, who would serve as your best man? Fire Ant or Solider Ant? 

My wedding, my rules. Double best mans.

Any parting words for the readers at CSS?

Stay in school. Also, thank you for your support and I hope to make everyone proud at "High Noon." Order now at!


Here are some great videos to familiarize yourself with Green Ant and the rest of The Colony!

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