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WWE Smackdown results and live blog for Nov. 4: Mark Henry -- nuff said

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WWE Smackdown is back on the air tonight (Fri., Nov. 4, 2011) from Greenville, South Carolina. And with that, we make our venture into the very first live blog of the show.

Yes, it was taped this past Tuesday (Nov. 1) and if you really want to you can read spoilers by clicking here.

If you would rather follow along with the show while shooting the breeze with your favorite folks here at Cageside Seats, though, this is your spot.

Tonight will feature more world heavyweight championship fallout with current titleholder Mark Henry, as well as Randy Orton taking on Cody Rhodes in a street fight.

The show kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on SyFy so join us then, Cagesiders.


Geno here. Ready to get rolling.

Commercial airs for "Scare Tactics" before the show starts and it reminds me I haven't watched that show in a long time. Which is a shame, because it's awesomely awesome.

Broadcast is live.

"Know Your Enemy" by Green Day is a horrible song as a theme for anything.

Street fight is going to kick things off and a huge pop rings out for Randy Orton. Wow, they're in love with the "Apex Predator" in South Carolina.

Michael Cole says this will be a great way to put an end to the rivalry between Orton and Cody Rhodes. We shall see if that's what they go ahead with. We know plans are in place for Booker T to feud with Rhodes over the Intercontinental title but when are they finally going to pull the trigger on that?

Solid heat for Rhodes. The belt is still so, so pretty.

They show kids in the audience wearing bags, which is funny because it's the opposite of what they want with that gimmick. Or should want.

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes -- Orton works a sleeper early after some solid back-and-forth action. Gets a dropkick that sends Rhodes to the outside where Orton follows and it's time to get this thing going for reals, folks.

Rhodes regains the advantage and works over "The Viper" while members of the crowd shout for Orton to stop getting his ass kicked. He takes there advice and eventually sends Rhodes crashing into the steel steps, twice.


They do an inadvertently awesome spot with Orton sending Rhodes into the barricade and accidentally hitting the camera right after so the camera shook violently at the exact same time Rhodes hit the barricade.

They brawl through the crowd shortly after which eventually ends in Orton taking out one bagger on the outside before delivering an RKO to a bagger in the ring.

Commercial break.

The new tagline for The Rock's return to Raw, live and in person, is "RAW gets ROCKED!"


The crowd is hot with Orton chasing down Rhodes up the ramp. Cody quickly gains the upper hand and acts like he's going to suplex Orton off the ramp and onto the floor but, of course, Randall reverses and Rhodes takes a suplex on the ramp.

Ha. Orton leans Rhodes up against the barricade, right up on the fans, and a few of the kids who are close to them are marking out like crazy. Those little dude's dreams just came true.

Orton takes Rhodes to the ring and hits a superplex. Looked like he overdid it a bit and almost tossed Cody onto his feet. Goes for a cover and gets two. After they get back up, Rhodes hits a dropkick and gets a two count of his own.

Back to the outside they go and someone is bleeding because Orton has blood on him. So does Rhodes. He uses his mask to drill Orton and "The Viper" is laid out as they fade out.

Commercial break.

Back and Rhodes is sending Orton into the ring for a front suplex. Works an arm. Orton makes a comeback that gets foiled quick. Rhodes starts to working on Orton's leg, which ultimately ends in his locking in a figure four. Orton sells like he's literally worried his leg is about to get broken.

We're 25 minutes into the broadcast and this match is still going.

Rhodes hits Orton with the mask -- again -- and releases the figure four. Orton doesn't stay down, though, and gets back up to use the mask on Rhodes. Hits his lariat and press slam spots before calling for the RKO. Doesn't get it and Rhodes hits the big kick off the ropes for two.


Rhodes sets up for the Cross Rhodes but Orton reverses with a back body drop. They go to the outside and trade punches while Booker T tells us this is a fight and this thing is breaking out.

Holy shit, Orton sets up Rhodes for the DDT off the ropes -- except he's doing it off the barricade and onto the padded floor. I don't care who you are, that looked brutally amazing.

Back inside the ring and Orton hits the RKO for the 1-2-3 and the win.

That was a pay-per-view quality match to kick off the show. This is so much better than Raw, it's unreal.

They spend a ton of time on Orton posing before he grabs a bag and puts it over Rhodes' head. Orton takes the mask on his way out.

Oh good god. Yet another video recap of Triple H saying Kevin Nash broke his heart before "Big Daddy Cool" takes him out with the sledgehammer in an overly cheesy and unnecessarily long segment.

This is at least the sixth time they've played this.

Sheamus and Christian is going down tonight.

Commercial break.

Matt Stryker wants us to know he'll have comments from Mark henry after this upcoming match, which is...

Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd -- Jobber central here. Kidd with the early edge that gets snuffed out with an impressive dropkick. This crowd is awesome, getting up for even the most basic of wrestling moves. Kidd again takes the edge while Booker T puts him over as being "right on the edge of breaking through."

No, no he's not.

Kidd mostly dominant here but DiBiase finally makes his comeback. Instead of actually calling the action in the ring, the announcing trio at ringside is yapping back and forth about who has the most followers on Twitter.


Dream Street from DiBiase and he's the winner.

Backstage for the interview with Henry. Stryker wants to know why he won't give Big Show his rematch. He says because he already handled his business with that. Henry sees something off in the distance and walks over to it.

Oh look, it's Daniel Bryan.

"You eyeballing me?"

"No, sir, Mark, I'm just standing here, sir."


Henry gets in his face and says no matter what he does, cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase or not, he can't beat "The World's Strongest Man." Henry says screw it, he's going to Teddy Long to get a match booked for tonight ... that is unless Bryan is too scared. 

"I guess I'll see you out there then, Mark."

That entire sequence was great because it finally lays the seeds for Bryan to make his move with the briefcase he's been carrying around for months on end and doing nothing with.

Alicia Fox hits the ring with her entrance music sending me into a seizure. Thankfully, a break saves us.

Commercial break.

Back and Natalya makes her way out.

Alicia Fox vs. Natalya -- This match is horrific and unbelievably enough, Natalya locks in a Boston Crab that Cole called the Sharpshooter. I kid you not. Fox gets out of it and hits a scissors kick for the pin. What a joke.

Commercial break.

Big Show out to cut a promo and the crowd again pops big for a babyface. What an awesome place to hold a wrestling show.

Show flashes a bit of his charisma by cracking a joke about Frankenstein. Gets serious quick, though, and tells Henry they've still got some unfinished business. And for every show that business goes unfinished, well...


That was cheesy as all hell but the big man made it work. Christian's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Says he's got a match coming up and thought Show hit his queue. Christian wants to know why Show thinks he deserves "one more match."

"The ring broke."

Can't argue with that logic.

So Christian tries to, of course, and claims he's the one who deserves one more match. Ha. Show scratches his beard and Christian starts accusing him of wanting to knock him out with that big punch. Show says he's not going to knock him out ... so he choke slams him.

Well it wasn't a knockout.

Commercial break.

Christian on the outside still selling the hell out of the chokeslam. As he's doing so, Sheamus makes his way out for their scheduled match.

The ref tells Sheamus that Christian says he can't go. That's the cue for Wade Barrett's music to hit to a few boos. He says he'll take Christian's spot. Sheamus agrees and we've got a match.

A solid brawling style match early. Sheamus hits all his usual spots, including the forearms to the chest through the ropes. Barrett makes a comeback and hits a sweet spot with a big boot while Sheamus was tied up in the ropes.

Commercial break.

Back from break and Barrett is still in control. They show that Christian is on the outside, still selling the choke slam. Which is basically just his way of stalling until he interferes in this here match, presumably to cost Sheamus the victory in some capacity.

Sheamus makes a short comeback and teases the Celtic Cross. Barrett counters with a back body drop that they mistimed, so it looked ugly as hell.

Duel chants in the crowd have broke out and it sounds like one side is shouting, "Let's go Sheamus" and the other is saying, "Let's go Barrett."

Guess which side had the bass in their voice?

Sheamus makes his comeback and goes for the Celtic Cross again. He dropped Barrett mid-move to knock Christian off the apron and Barrett came back with a roll up for the pin. Sheamus tries to attack Barrett before he can leave but turns around and takes a Spear.

The heels leave while Sheamus' seethes in the ring.

Commercial break.

They're backstage when they come back and Sheamus is attacking Christian and Barrett in the back. Security breaks them up, of course.

Time for Raw Rebound with the Muppets.

Big Show tells Bryan he'll be in his corner for tonight's match against Henry.

Sin Cara's music hits to a big pop.

Commercial break.

Epico in the ring already as they come back from break and Cara is already working his innovative offense, at least by WWE standards. Epico snuffs him out with three straight suplexes. Locks in a insane looking submission that stretches Sin Cara's entire body but the masked man uses an arm drag to counter out of it.

Quick succession of offense from Sin Cara comes to an end with Hunico coming out to cost Sin Cara the match. Epico and Hunico going to work on him now. Oh shit, they almost botch a spot with Epico tossing Sin Cara into Hunico for a powerbomb. Would have been incredible had they pulled it off clean.

Main event next.

Commercial break.

Maybe I'm traditional when it comes to this but Mark Henry comes out first for the main event and that bothers me. The champion should always come out last. Always. No exceptions.

Bryan starts the match by jumping on Henry's back. He gets tossed and Henry takes control. They head to the outside and Big Show gets involved for the first time by stopping Henry from smashing Bryan's skull into the ring post.

Cole talking shit to Booker T and Booker tells him he's got one more time to run his mouth and he'll catch a beating. Love it.

Bryan makes a comeback and the crowd really gets into it, with Show going nuts on the outside while Bryan lands kick after kick that eventually puts the heavyweight champion down. He goes for the cover but gets tossed out so hard, he goes flying to the outside.

A short submission hold from Bryan gets reversed into a slam and now Henry is just dominating the match. Big Show sees enough of it and just climbs in the ring and hits the big punch for the knockout. He sees what he's done and wakes up Bryan by pouring some water on him. 

Show tells Bryan now is his chance to cash in the briefcase. Here's your chance, Bryan. He climbs in the ring with the briefcase and tells Bryan to hit Henry with it. By now, though, Henry is up and he hits the World's Strongest Slam. Show gets in the ring and Henry hits him with the briefcase. Turns around and boom, World's Strongest Slam.

That was an awesome sequence.

Cue Teddy Long's music. "Just a minute, playas. We're not going to settle this tonight but we are going to settle this at Survivor Series. Whether you like it or not, Mark Henry, you are going to defend your title against the Big Show." 

Show smiles while still selling the effects of the World's Strongest Slam. Henry is livid, naturally.

What a great show.


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