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Smackdown spoilers for tonight's (Nov. 4) show from Greenville

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown will hit the airwaves tonight (Fri., Nov. 4, 2011) from Greenville, South Carolina, at 8 p.m. ET on SyFy.

The show, however, was taped this past Tuesday night, which means spoilers are readily available if you would rather catch a quick glimpse at what's going down on TV tonight.

Maybe it will convince you to actually tune in. Smackdown's usually the best WWE show on TV, anymore.

Complete spoilers (via are after the jump.

-- Randy Orton def. Cody Rhodes in a street fight in what was said to be a "fantastic" match. Par for the course for these two. Thankfully, depending on your perspective, Rhodes went through most of the match without his mask on, seeing as he used it as a weapon.

-- Ted DiBiase def. Tyson Kidd in what was apparently a squash match. Dream Street, that's all she wrote.

-- Mark Henry did a backstage segment with Daniel Bryan in which "The World's Strongest Man" confronted the Money in the Bank winner and asked him if he planned on cashing in his briefcase. When Bryan didn't reply, Henry stated he would find Teddy Long and get a match set up for later in the evening. Bryan was all for it.

-- Alicia Fox def. Natalya in what was described as a "short, boring match." No, surely WWE wouldn't book women this way on its programming?

-- Big Show hit the ring for a promo on Mark Henry. He's still trying to get another shot at the world heavyweight championship. Christian interrupted and did his "one more match" schtick, which led to his getting choke slammed. Sheamus came out but because Christian was in no shape to compete, Wade Barrett got the match instead.

-- Wade Barrett def. Sheamus in a surprise upset that ended with Sheamus pissed off and trying to go after Barrett only to eat a spear from Christian. Hasn't that feud played itself out yet?

-- Sin Cara def. Epico via disqualification after interference from Hunico, who is now wrestling without a mask and going by his FCW name.

-- They did a backstage segment showing Wade Barrett, Christian and Sheamus brawling, with Barrett and Sheamus apparently having to be separated. Maybe they're moving on to a new feud after all.

-- Big Show approached Daniel Bryan and told him he would keep the briefcase safe. Bryan told him he would be taking it to ringside during his match against Henry and Show clarified that he would keep it safe because he would be in Bryan's corner.

-- Mark Henry def. Daniel Bryan after -- you guessed it -- interference by Big Show in the form of his big right hand knocking Henry out. Bryan teased cashing in the briefcase after Henry was out but eventually ate a World's Strongest Slam. Show then tried his luck again and ate one, as well. Teddy Long made his way out to announce that Henry would defend his title against Big Show again at Survivor Series.

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