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Bobby Roode turns heel and wins the TNA heavyweight title from James Storm on Impact

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TNA Impact last night (Nov. 3), which was taped in Macon, Georgia, featured the highly anticipated heel turn by Bobby Roode, which resulted in his winning the heavyweight title from his former Beer Money tag team partner, James Storm.

Wait a minute ... huh?

That's right, instead of letting a potential high end feud marinate between Storm and Roode, the powers that be with the number two wrestling company in the world decided to hot shot the angle and have the title change hands for the second time in three weeks.

Roode and Storm had one hell of a television main event match, going 17 minutes strong before the turn by Roode, which manifested itself in the form of a beer bottle to Storm's skull. Fitting, really, but still far too rushed.

The good news here is that these two can put on a pay-per-view quality main event at any point and the heat between them is still phenomenal despite the hasty nature with which they've been booked against one another.

Last night's match was great, they've got great chemistry and a built in story. To make it even better, Roode will be an awesome heel, as evidenced by the incredible promo he cut after winning the title. That footage was released in a video on YouTube from TNA, which has been included after the jump. You can also watch the final 10 minutes of the match itself in the extended entry. Trust me, it's worth it.

What are your thoughts and feelings on Roode turning heel so fast and winning the belt just two weeks after Storm won it from Kurt Angle? Too rushed or just right?

First, the video of the match, which was, again, incredibly well done.

Now the fallout and Roode's first heel promo. He delivers in a big way and it's clear he's got great potential in his new skin. Storm also does a great job playing the role of betrayed brother and friend.

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