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WWE buries John Morrison one final time on his way out of the company

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It's been well known for months that WWE and John Morrison were going their separate ways following the conclusion of Morrison's contract, which recently came up. When that happens, it's always interesting to see how exactly the promotion will go about booking the character on his way out.

In Morrison's case, because of some backstage dealings with his girlfriend, Melina, that earned him a lot of heat with fellow superstars, most a lot more well-respected than himself, he was ruthlessly buried and made to job for months on end to everyone from Randy Orton and on down to Santino Marella.

Better still, he later participated in an angle on Zack Ryder's Z! True Long Island Story Internet show that saw him recreate the Vince McMahon death storyline, meaning he climbed into a limo that blew up when he closed the door.

Wonderfully enough, he no sold death by appearing on Raw this past Monday for a "Falls Count Anywhere" match against the Miz, which was apparently designed to get Miz over as a heel who takes people out as he chooses.

Shortly after this happened, did a backstage interview with John Laurinaitis where he got the chance to put the final nail in the coffin to bury Morrison completely. This is rich:

"John, what happened was unfortunate. And I truly wish you the best. Your contract was coming up in the next couple weeks anyway, and looking at your win-loss record, I really wasn't going to sign you anyway. That being said, it's kind of a win-win for John Morrison and WWE. Now you can take some time to get your mind and body in order. Get well soon."

He followed that quote with the big thumbs up and smile in the picture you see above. And so the burial is complete. Laurinaitis, by the way, came off like a better heel here than Miz did. He was actually awesome in this interview.

I mean, how great is that? They book him into the ground and then make sure to do an interview with the most hated man in WWE outside of Michael Cole just so they can say they wouldn't resign him because his win-loss record is no good. That's just gold.

Then again, CM Punk was given a title shot after losing a ton of matches in a row and failing to win at a pay-per-view for like three months straight. But whatever.

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