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The Miz: Brock Lesnar winning the UFC heavyweight title was an homage to the WWE

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As pro wrestling fans, we're certainly conditioned to expect the entertainers within the field to make outrageous claims. In an interview with FightHub.TV, which is dated because it wasn't released until today but actually happened before Night of Champions, The Miz claims Brock Lesnar winning the UFC heavyweight championship was an homage to the WWE:

"I enjoy MMA. I always think it's cool whenever a former WWE superstar goes into MMA and Brock Lesnar becomes the champion. That's an homage to the WWE. We are entertainment, that is what WWE does. MMA brings another side of entertainment but I feel like we're two different companies. Both are fantastic, both are great to watch."

I wonder what Lesnar would think of a statement like that.

Maybe it's just me but it's preposterous to think that Brock winning the UFC heavyweight championship is in any way an homage to his time in WWE. If he would have, say, suplexed Randy Couture or somehow figured out a way to execute the F-5 on him, that would have been an homage to WWE. Simply finding success in mixed martial arts (MMA) does not qualify such a statement.

It's also hilarious that Miz refers to MMA as "a different company," for obvious reasons.

Video of Miz's interview, where he also calls Manny Pacquiao the John Cena of boxing, is after the jump.

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