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Video: Blood Feud - The Story Of Devon Nicholson


The videos attached show a 20 minute investigative report by 16:9, a Canadian news magazine show that airs on Global, one of the bigger networks in Canada, into Devon Nicholson's lawsuit against Abdullah The Butcher, for allegedly giving him Hepatitis C by using the same blade to juice himself with to subsequently cut Nicholson, and against WWE for being unfairly discriminated against for having the disease.  In my opinion, the most interesting new quotes by Nicholson and Abdullah, respectively, were:

If I had a year in WWE, I would die happy.  I really would, I would take that in a second over fifty million dollars....  With their no blood policy in place I am no danger to anybody in WWE....  One thing you are never supposed to do in a wrestling match is cut somebody without their permission or especially cut somebody with an instrument or cutting tool that has already been inside of yourself....  The reason why I think Abdullah won't give me a blood sample is because he has something to hide.

I'm not trying to hide nothing....  He has wrestled many wrestlers and how can you say it came from Abdullah The Butcher.  If he was here right now, the first thing I would say to him is Devon, you know the way I use my blade and you know the way you use your blade, understand what I mean, now I have never cut you, understand?

Unfortunately, for Abdullah, Nicholson has video tape footage of him doing exactly that.  Moreover, his claims of using a blade properly doesn't gel with his reputation of cutting numerous other people with a blade without their permission, including innocent bystanders like a ring announcer, a talk show host and even an 18 year old Keith Hart.  Abdullah has a point that it will be hard for Nicholson to conclusively prove the only possible source for his Hepatitis C infection was The Madman from the Sudan, but Abdullah isn't helping his case with all his lies and deception.

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