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Leave it to John Cena to say what we're all thinking concerning the WWE Championship belt


WWE poster boy John Cena took to Twitter this morning for a digital Q&A session with his over 1.1 million followers. Besides having to field the usual questions about the elephant -- or should I say Brahma Bull -- in the room and brushing off his many, many, MANY haters, Cena unleashed one interesting opinion.

Did I mention he has a lot of haters?

A plucky, young Miami Dolphins fan by the name of Doug Peterson asked the former champ what he thought about changing the look of the WWE Championship belt. The belt has been, of course, the infamous -- and reviled, can we agree on that? -- "spinner belt" since its debut after Cena's win at WrestleMania 21.

It no longer spins but it still looks like the gaudiest watch a porn producer could ever want dipped in glue and thrown into a Kay's Jewelry store. Apparently, Mr. Cena feels the same way. Maybe not as strongly but he does feel a change is in order.

The design definitely had its place when Cena was still rocking the "white rapper from the suburbs of Boston" gimmick -- did Everlast ever get his royalty check, by the way? -- but as he moved away from it, the belt's look became more archaic and even more silly.

I thought they should have changed the belt -- or gone back to the previous style -- when Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase at the 2006 New Year's Revolution. But it sort of made sense for his arrogant character to keep it simply to taunt Cena. It was an entirely different story, however, when Rob Van Dam won the strap at One Night Stand five months later.

I'm surprised CM Punk hasn't gone the route of Cody Rhodes and brought back the classic "winged eagle" design, to be honest. I would love to see that title again because judging by the new, awful tag team straps, I won't hold out hope on any new designs the WWE comes up with.

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