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That was awesome! (clap clap clapclapclap): Want to see a 400-pound Samoan lifted over someone's head?

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Johnny Stamboli answered the age-old question of what would happen if Robert DeNiro had a baby with Paul Bunyan's blue ox Babe.

Going into today's article, I knew very little about "The Bull." I sort of remembered him from the dying days of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) but I try to block as much of that from my memory as possible so there's wasn't much for me to go off.

Had Stamboli been born 15 years earlier, Vince McMahon would have signed him up, given him a gimmick as some kind of generic warrior from the past, and let Hulk Hogan squash him during an episode of Saturday Night Main Event. He was jacked as hell and as big as they come. Actually, big doesn't really do "The Bull" justice. Giant? Enormous, maybe? Wait, I got it! 


So when I got this email pointing me in the direction of this video, I A) had never seen it before and B) had to lift my jaw up off the floor. Suggested by Cagesider Man from Manila, here's Stamboli with an insanely impressive feat of strength. 

Peep it.

The initial lift can be explained away by pointing out that Rikishi helped Stamboli by hopping into position. But the lift immediately before the slam? That's all Stamboli, homie.

And that's damn impressive. The Samoan is probably pushing three bucks and a half at this point and "The Bull" was able to lift all of that dead weight straight up. To quote Faarooq, "Damn!"

Also, is it sad that I was under the impression that Rikishi was dead?


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