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That was awesome (clap clap clapclapclap): The Rock, Booker T, and Goldust? Pure comedic genius

He slept with Marlena ... HIM!
He slept with Marlena ... HIM!

A few times already, I've talked about I fell out of love with wrestling for a handful of years from 2001 to 2005. It wasn't the first period of my life where I didn't watch the product week in or week out but it was certainly the first time I didn't even bother to keep up with the product.

I didn't tune in every once and a while, I didn't read the recaps or news reports on wrestling websites. I honestly didn't know about anything going on. Now that wrestling has retightened its cobra clutch on my life, I've gone back and caught up with the comings and goings of that period but I still lack what amounts to a day-to-date knowledge of what happened.

So this week, I'm going to present awesome moments from that time; little gems that I haven't seen simply because I haven't gone back and watched every single pay-per-view (PPV), Raw, and Smackdown. So if you've got any, make sure to send 'em.

Here's a moment from Cagesider Paul Aherne that I had never seen so despite being close to a decade old, it was still new to me!

Check it out.

To be fair, Goldust DID rub himself a lot...

If you have any ideas for something that made you say "that was awesome!!!" pass it along. Make sure to include either your name or your SBNation handle -- whichever you'd like to be used -- and you'll get a shout you out if your idea is used! Contact me at

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