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On this date in WCW history: Jim Cornette plummets from the scaffold at Starrcade

On November 27, 1986, WCW held Starrcade with the ominous "Night of the Skywalkers" tagline, referencing the scaffold match between the Road Warriors and the Midnight Express.

And I get butterflies just looking at that contraption.

In a pay-per-view loaded with gimmicks, including a "Hair vs. Hair Match" and an "Indian Strap Match," the aforementioned "Skywalkers Match" didn't seem that out of place.

Until Jim Cornette took to the air.

While Animal was able to sell that thing like a boss, Lil' Jimmy wasn't nimble enough (or stoned enough) to let the bump work itself out. Instead, he dangled from the top and upon release, made the fatal error of landing with his legs locked and extended.

He's lucky they didn't explode upon impact.

Corny landed in a heap and began whimpering -- but why was he even up there in the first place? Well, Dusty Rhodes had "sold him on the finish," and as Jimbo explains, "Dusty could sell you the glasses off your own face."

Hear him retell the Skywalkers fiasco after the jump.

Any Cagesiders remember this painfully hilarious moment?

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