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John Morrison reportedly done with WWE after being written off in Zack Ryder Internet show

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John Morrison is officially done with WWE after his contract ran out this past Wednesday (Nov. 23), according to The Wrestling Observer

Where it gets interesting is the manner in which he was written out of the company. He wasn't given any sort of blow off angle on Raw or Smackdown or NXT or Superstars. No, nothing like that.

He was written off on Zack Ryder's "Z! True Long Island Story" via limousine blow up death. Yes, they booked him to re-enact the horrific storyline death of Vince McMahon when he got into a white limo and it blew up after he closed the door.

After Ryder posted a link to the video on his Twitter, Morrison retweeted with the following message:

"It's better to burn out than fade away."

Except Morrison didn't really burn out. If anything, he faded away while he was ruthlessly buried for months on end, made to job to basically the entire roster before his contract finally ran out. He wasn't exactly popular in the back, thanks to his relationship with heat seeking pistol Melina, nor the fans, for his inability to create credible offense and near complete lack of charisma.

By the time the burial was over, the only actual fans Morrison had left were ladies who loved the sight of him and those few folks who simply felt sorry for his plight.

Speculation has already begun regarding whether or not he and Melina will end up in TNA and the interest is apparently there. I'm not sure either of the two will be a good fit for the company but hey, what's two more in a party of 700?

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