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That was awesome! (clap clap clapclapclap): Bret Hart eats a spear, Goldberg eats some steel

I always wanted that jacket -- photo via <a href=""></a>
I always wanted that jacket -- photo via

I'm on a Bret Hart kick, sue me.

Yesterday's piece and the one from a couple of days ago got me thinking about all the awesome moments "The Hitman" has given us over the years.

Most of them were in the WWE but not so many in WCW, though. In fact, Hart himself says that his tribute match to his brother Owen was one of his few proud moments for the dead promotion.

Another one is this.

In early 2000, the Canadian hero needed to take some time off to heal up so an excuse had to be made up to keep him off of TV. Because heaven forbid that a wrestling company actually tell us that a wrestler got hurt wrestling and had to take some time off. If it isn't supposed to be dangerous, why can't I "try this at home"? Maybe then I can finally learn how to fall off a 20-foot ladder.

Anyway, Hart comes out during an episode of Nitro and runs down WCW for basically screwing the pooch with him. I mean, you can love CM Punk all you want but the tirade Hart went on is the epitome of a worked shoot. That company seriously got gold -- Hart after the 1997 Survivor Series -- and somehow turned it into turd. But hey, that's what WCW was known for then, right?

So Hart calls Goldberg out and the former NFL defensive tackle was happy to oblige. "The Hitman" then goads the big guy into nailing him with a spear and well...

See for yourself.

Goldberg lays on top of Hart a little too long but the big reveal is absolute money.

Too bad that big galoot would end up retiring "The Hitman" six months later. I'll never forgive him for that.


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