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The Miz doesn't think WWE going PG has hurt storylines (Video)

The easiest way to spot a fan who grew up during the Attitude Era is to wait for their inevitable complaints about the current PG television product WWE is pushing. This is one of those arguments that doesn't seem to have much of a middle ground, at least not for those who speak up on it.

For his part, The Miz says he's a fan of PG and he doesn't think it's hurting storylines:

"It's certainly PG and I don't think the storylines are hurt by it because we have to basically go within the extent of what we have. I think we're getting great TV. Even though it is PG, I actually like it better because I don't have to bleed and I don't have to take chair shots to the head."

The Attitude Era storylines were far more cutting edge and pushed the envelope in a way we simply don't see today. But that includes absolutely atrocious ideas like Stephanie McMahon getting kidnapped by Undertaker, who planned to sacrifice her before she was eventually saved by Stone Cold Steve Austin, to Kane supposedly killing a woman named Katie Vick, who Triple H ended up having mock sex with in a casket while wearing a Kane mask.

You take the good with that bad, I guess.

Anyone disagree with Miz and think WWE should go back to a time when its booking was edgier and bothered to push the envelope? Or is the PG version of the promotion good with you?

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