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That was (not) awesome! (clap clap clapclapclap): Two words - Gobbledy Gooker ... or is that one?

Those guys in the picture sure seemed to love it...
Those guys in the picture sure seemed to love it...

The big reveal.

When it's done well, it can be a great moment. In the case of a certain "Suburban Commando," it turned the wrestling industry on its head. 

But the Gobbledy Gooker ain't no Hulk. Hell, he isn't even a Horace.

A giant egg followed the WWE during every one of its shows leading up to Survivor Series 1990 with Matt Lesko-esque question marks all over the riser, teasing something big for the November show.

It ended up being a turkey egg or rather, a big fat goose egg.

Puns! Oh, man, I slay me. Anyway, take a look at this (not so) awesome moment in honor of Thanksgiving.

Have a great day, all you Cagesiders, enjoy the feasts. To Keith Harris and all my friends abroad, I guess have a good Thursday ... ?

It doesn't take long before the crowd turns on the poor guy. One guy -- a full-grown adult with a Hulkamania foam hand (a time travelling Jesse Holland, perhaps? -- loves it, though.

I love the reaction from the Roddy Piper. "They're really warming up to the Goobledy Gooker!" right before he's greeted by a shower of boos. The whole thing is so terrible that I can't stop myself from laughing. Actually, you know what? This IS pretty awesome.

Also, is that Rick Rude's brother at the 3:15 mark?!


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