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Video: 'Divas of Doom' Beth Phoenix and Natalya put all the 'peppy Barbie dolls' on notice

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Here's a newly released video featuring WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and partner in crime Natalya where they promise the days of the "peppy Barbie dolls" are over.

It continues the storyline they've been running with since they formed their alliance and now with Phoenix as champ, it should kick into high gear.

For some reason, Kelly Kelly was booked incredibly strong against both "Divas of Doom" for several weeks, gaining pinfalls over both of them. Ever since Phoenix won the title, though, she and Natalya have been knocking off Divas left and right. Phoenix retained her Divas Championship at Survivor Series with a Super GlamSlam off the top rope on Eve Torres and Jim Neidhart's baby girl nearly broke AJ -- swoon -- in half with a spine-twisting Sharpshooter.

Now with some momentum on their side, they issued this warning to all the other women on the WWE's roster.

Check it out.


I wonder how long Natalya can stand in "The Glamazon's" shadow. This team has to be living on borrowed time and will surely lead to the Canadian turning into a fan favorite and challenging her former friend for the title. I can only hope this is the case since the two of them are the only Divas with their build and both being booked as rulebreakers sort of sends the message to kids that the pretty, skinny women are the ones you cheer for while the bigger women are the ones you boo. As an aside, I don't know about you but I think they're both foxy as hell.

Perhaps a Phoenix/Natalya feud will begin towards the turn of the new year and culminate at WrestleMania. A month or two later, Kharma should be returning to shake up the Divas division.

What do you guys think?

Also, the shot of Nattie doing squats in heels in priceless.

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