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That was awesome! (clap clap clapclapclap): The Dudley Boyz put Mae Young through a table

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Cagesider SilverNBlackZack! is a proud papa just like me but while my daughter is still in diapers and rocking out to Dora the Explorer, his is old enough to go to her first wrestling show. Good to know he's raising her right.

So when he took me up on my standing over for any Cagesider to make a suggestion for "That Was Awesome!," I couldn't say no. Especially when he hit me up with this gem.

The Dudley Boyz -- or Team 3D as they became known as in TNA -- are one of the best tag teams in history alongside The Legion of Doom, Demolition, and The Steiner Brothers. In fact, what those tandems were for their era, the boys from Dudleyville were for theirs.

Racking up 22 reigns as world tag team champs from WWE to ECW to Japan, they were even named the team of the past decade by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. There's no denying their spot in the business. They could go from vicious psychos to goofy masochists as easily as the day turns to night.

Check out this clip, as suggest by SilverNBlackZack!

When SNBZack emailed me to suggest this for the column, he said that he had recently shown the clip to his daughter and she cried. It's good to know that at least she has some shred of humanity because I can't stop myself from giggling like an idiot when I watch it.

This is an example of The Attitude Era at its finest: silly and over the top without taking itself too seriously.


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